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Join Les Deeptech "À fonds !" E-Pitch on 29/06 at 11:00 AM CEST

The Deeptech e-pitch will showcase 5 french deeptech companies on Tursday, June 29th, at 11AM CEST.
Les Deeptech "À fonds !" is an exclusive 9-month program at the heart of the Bpifrance investor ecosystem and its partners, dedicated to the most promising early-stage deeptech startups emerging from French public research who aim to accelerate their fundraising efforts.

Register here.

Company 1: Infinite Orbits
Infinite Orbits is a France based in-orbit service provider, with offices in Singapore. Our main focus is in life extension for GEO satellites for communication satellite operators. Partnering with ESA and the Stanford Space Rendezvous Laboratory, as well as industry experts with previous experience in O3B, Kacific, McKinsey, AIRBUS and other companies, allows us to use new space technology and advanced tracking and navigation software to provide turn key services, giving satellite operators new options in orbital slot, asset, and fleet management at lower costs.

Company 2: Symone
What if we could finally get around differently with Symone? Your vehicle in your luggage! Symone is rethinking the way we travel on long motorway journeys, combining time saving, comfort, ecology and road safety.

Company 3: VoltR
VOLTR gives a second life to lithium batteries from all applications except the automotive industry, by offering companies and individuals eco-responsible products reconditioned in Europe.

Company 4: Myotact
Myotact is a medical device that detects muscle activity by EMG and translates it into virtual movement with vibrotactile feedback.

Company 5: Rosella Biosystem
Rosella is now offering a brand new solution combining analysis and prediction of fermentations to help farmers and breeders move towards the production of healthy, nutritious fodder for their animals.
Our solution uses patented technology combining the potential of genomics and data-science to create a network effect in the field.

Rédigé par Valentin Marin le Thursday, June 29th 2023
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