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Join Les Deeptech "À fonds !" E-Pitch on 25/04 at 11:00 AM CEST

The Deeptech e-pitch will showcase 5 french deeptech companies on Tuesday, April 25th, at 11AM CEST.
Les Deeptech "À fonds !" is an exclusive 9-month program at the heart of the Bpifrance investor ecosystem and its partners, dedicated to the most promising early-stage deeptech startups emerging from French public research who aim to accelerate their fundraising efforts.

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Pharma - Developping new therapeutics solutions to treat obesity worldwide
The company uses a scientific approach to identify "lipid mimetics (or agonists)" that activate oro-gustatory receptors more intensely than dietary fatty acids, allowing the brain to trigger early satiety, resulting in an immediate reduction in food intake. These mimetics do not provide calories and also trigger a more intense food pleasure response than naturally consumed fatty foods.

TRL: 6 | Serie A | TAM: $90Bn | SAM: $10Bn Amount  sought: € 5Mn
Biotech​ - Rapid Antibiotic Susceptibility testing 

The company develops an innovative technology for testing antibiotic sensitivity in medical analysis laboratories and hospital centers. The diagnostic instrument can determine the most suitable antibiotics for treating a patient in less than 3 hours, compared to existing methods that take 12-17 hours. The diagnosis is rapid, completely automated, and offered at a price compatible with major healthcare systems.

TRL: 5 | B2B | Seed | TAM: 4.1B | SAM: €872Mn  | Next Step: Industralisation | Amount  sought: € 3Mn

Medtech, AIMD - Aiming to revolutionize neuromodulation therapies

The company aims to revolutionize neuromodulation by developing a personalized and adaptive medical implant device capable of delivering closed-loop neuromodulation that responds to patient physiology. The first implant, VNS, stimulates the vagus nerve and addresses the treatment of epilepsy, which is often treatment-resistant for nearly a third of patients. For these patients with high risk of death and comorbidity, and whose quality of life is heavily impacted, as well as for their families, the company's technologies offer a real hope.

TRL: 6 | B2B2C | Seed | TAM: $6Bn | SAM: $1Bn | Amount  sought: € 2.5Mn

Health, Wellness & Sports -  Helping sports and rehabilitation professionnals to increase performance, prevent injuries and improve rehabilitation efficiency.

The sports and rehabilitation industry lacks data to measure the quality of movement. The solution offers a SaaS platform for capturing and analyzing the quality of human movement. The startup addresses issues related to performance improvement, injury prevention, and up to 60% increased efficiency in rehabilitation.

TRL: 9 |  B2B | Seed | TAM: € 48B | SAM: € 3.2B  | Next Step: Commercial AccelerationAmount  sought: € 0.6Mn

Biotech - Innovative treatment for resistant epilepsy (repurposed & reformulated drug) discovered using post-operative brain tissues from patients

The company innovates in neurology with two projects with first a new product with a new mode of action for ultra-resistant orphan epilepsy. The second project is a platform that uses brain tissue to identify new targets and screen candidates for multiple sclerosis, pain, etc.

TRL: 5 | B2B |  Serie A | TAM: $4Bn | SAM: $1.5Bn |Next Step: Proof of Scability | Amount  sought: € 10Mn

Rédigé par Yasmine Benkirane le Tuesday, April 25th 2023
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