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We are very pleased to announce you an exclusive e-pitch session we are organising in collaboration with Solar Impulse Foundation and the European Investment Bank on October 22nd at 17:00 CEST.

Once again, this e-pitch is exclusively for Solar Impulse Labelled Solutions
Witness 5 of the finest startups pitching directly to you online.
You can register by clicking here.

Here is the selection:


BELGIUM – eMobility – Power dense axial flux electric motors for electric vehicles
Compared with traditional electric motors, we introduce a new electric motor technology for electric vehicles which deliver 4x more power density and up to 25% more vehicle range at competitive cost. The motor technology is based on 10 years R&D, secured with fundamental patents and planned for high volume production via our 1B$+ manufacturing partner. We are preparing a first production batch of 25000 motors in 2023. Today’s projects include motor developments for automotive powertrain suppliers, lightweight motors for a passenger drone and eMotors for niche eMobility OEM.
Fundamental patents | 3 contracts in 2020 – 2M€ booked |TRL: 7 | TAM: €45 by 2025 | Next Step: industrialization |Amount to raise: €15M (part already committed)

FINLAND – Cleantech/Energy – Carbon Neutrality
Sector-leading company that harnesses the power of ocean energy to accelerate society towards carbon neutrality. The team have developed and patented unique innovations that slash the cost of power-to-X. The technology has been demonstrated and commercial deployments are under development with customers investing in project development. Global sales pipeline is in place with first sales expected in 2021.
60+ patents worldwide | TRL: 7 | TAM: €600+bn | Next Steps: Array of devices and commercial sales | Amount to raise: €15m

POLAND – Greentech / Zero Waste / Eco Tableware and Packaging –Technology enabling manufacturing of biodegradable single-use products from agri-food industrial leftovers
A technology company developing innovative industrial solutions enabling the manufacturing of biodegradable single-use products made of sustainable plant-based materials sourced as side-products or leftovers from agri-food industry. Market demand for product allows for simultaneous investment in scale-up of existing production capacities and further R&D to increase durability parameters, widen range of input materials and increase new ways of application.
Main customers: Retail / Wholesale / Food Services | TRL : 8-9 | TAM : €115bn | Amount to raise: €15m

SPAIN – Biotech/Agriculture – microalgae derived bio-inputs to sustainably increase agricultural yields
Pioneering and multi-awarded biotech company devoted to microalgae with extensive research history and network, reputed shareholders/managers and state of the art technologies.
Its unique microalgae-based solutions for agriculture are providing a fast growth globally, in terms of revenues, customers, contracts, attraction of top talent, awareness, research proposals and public awards.
10 commercial subsidiaries worldwide | >1 million final end-users | commercial contracts with market leaders | MoUs signed in 2020 | TRL: 9 | TAM: €64bn – SAM: €7.4 bn with 15% CAGR| Next Step: boost expansion | Amount to raise: €12m-18m

FRANCE – Cleantech/ Energy – landfill gas upgrading into grid compliant biomethane
Twenty billion US$ of methane is lost every year on landfills around the world. This methane is produced spontaneously by the breakdown of organic matters contained in waste. Most of it is flared or released to the atmosphere, generating GHG emission. The result of 10 years of R&D, a breakthrough technology makes it possible to recover this by-product of waste management into grid-compliant biomethane, to substitute fossil fuels and fight climate change.
6 patents worldwide |€12m already raised | Over €30m invested in renewable energy project | €12m in revenue 2019 | €8m in revenue already secured over the next ten years |TRL : TRL9 in France / TRL7 outside France |TAM: $20b |Next Step(s); worldwide deployment |Amount to raise (EUR): €50m

Rédigé par Pauline Avérous le Monday, October 19th 2020
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