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We are very pleased to announce you the fifth e-pitch session we are organising in collaboration with Solar Impulse Foundation on October 8th at 17:00 CEST. This session will present solutions around SDG11 - Sustainable and Smart Cities.

The fourth E-pitch exclusively for Solar Impulse Labelled Solutions.
Witness 5 of the finest startups pitching to you directly online.
You can register by clicking here.
Here is the selection:



CANADA – Cleantech/Construction – Energy Efficiency Simulation Software 
The start-up has developed an AI-powered simulation software that allows home builders to access all possible energy solutions for their home, as well as ensuring their design will meet energy regulations. The solutions also provide a detailed analysis of construction costs. The software reduces GHG emissions on average by 3 tons per year per design and is partnered with 6 local municipalities. 
6 local municipalities as clients; Government contracts for retrofit development | TRL: 9 | TAM: $9B USD | Next Step: Market Expansion | Amount to Raise: €320K 

PORTUGAL - Cleantech/Energy – Thermal batteries for buildings efficiency improvement 
Founded in the technological environment of excellence in the University of Aveiro, the start-up developed a thermal battery using phase change materials that provide self-adjustable power output matching the cooling or heating specific needs of a system. The first solution presented to the market solves the problem of waiting for hot water in buildings being the only available solution in the market that combines water and energy efficiency. Recently, the team made a successfully proof of concept combining the thermal batteries with a heat pump system. The results show that the technology can improve the efficiency of a conventional heat pump for heating/cooling and domestic hot water by up to 40%.  
1 patent pending in EU and US | distribution agreement with a large manufacture for US | >300 paying customers | TRL 6 | TAM: 20B€ | Investment case 1M€ (50% go-to-market/ 30% scale-up / 20% R&D) 

FRANCE – Cleantech/Energy - Alternative breakthrough ecological heat pump  
The startup with a long and unique background in its discipline, is developing a breakthrough ecological acoustic heat pump for domestic applications (first market: renovating home heating solutions). This game changer Heat Pump with comparable performances as classical ones has strong competitive advantages : 50 years lifetime, no maintenance, CO2 emissions cut by 90% vs boilers, no  greenhouse gas, TCO 45% less than HP and 15% less than boilers, no brainer for consumer, high profitability. Ongoing discussions with major players of the value chain. Time to market 2 years. 
6 patents worldwide; | TRL: 6 | TAM: €93bn | Next step: design the product, Define the best BM to spread the innovation worldwide | Amount to raise: €5m 

NETHERLANDS - Cleantech - Sorbent Filter that cleans indoor air and improves battery efficiency starting in the Automotive industry
The ESA born company uses patented carbon dioxide filters to recirculate better air in enclosed spaces for health, safety, and improved efficiency. The inaugural product for the electric car protects the driver and passengers from harmful pollutants, pollens, and fumes while enabling a 40% increase in HVAC efficiency. A prototype was successfully demonstrated with an automotive partner in 2019.
x3 patents | 3 R&D contracts closed with different OEMs | TRL 7 | TAM: 528M EVs by 2040 | Build integrated version into OEM concept car and secure pre-orders before end of 2021 | Current funding sought: €5.5M 

SLOVENIA - Cleantech/Energy/Mobility - A leading provider that develops and manufactures advanced interactive charging stations and charging management software
With +10 years in operations, the Company is the European champion of interactive charging, and the sole independent market player combining hardware (“HW “) and software (“SW “) solutions in its product offering. The Company is the only independent European market player in the EV space with both solutions, well positioned to become the leading provider of integrated charging solutions for electromobility. 
Market presence in over 50 countries | Out of CEE region ‘s 10bn revenue companies, 15 are the company's clients | TAMEU 19-30 €80bn |Amount to raise: €10m 

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