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The next DeepTech pitch session organized by Bpifrance & EuroQuity will be held online on September the 16th at 5:00 PM CEST. 
french deeptech companies will be presented. 

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Medtech - Medical device & diagnostic technology.
Spin-off of a medical research institute, the startup is developing a connected therapeutic and diagnostic solution, allowing a better patient care and recognized as a game changer in the pathology management. A successful proof of concept was achieved in 2020, including the pathology model development and the first implantations. The first product generation is currently in development and they expect to reach the final version by end of 2022. The first in human is expected end of 2023. The solution already presents a clear traction in the US, one of the first targeted market. 

Exclusive licensing deal on 2 patents worldwide in Deep Learning applications
First patent granted in the EU and US | Exclusive license with a TTO | TRL 5 | TAM 800M Eur | Next step: Product final version ready for regulatory tests - Amount sought: 1,5M Eur


Mobility / Industry - System for automating baggage and cargo management at airports.
Accelerated by the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique and winner of a competition organized by Aéroports de Paris, this startup is developing a complete system to automate the management of bagage and cargo at airports. This solution, unique in the world, reduces operational hazards by decreasing accidents (better working conditions and associated costs), improves operational costs (-50%) and quality of service, while reducing the environmental impact of it. A first prototype is currently being tested in one of the main European airports and commercialization will will start at a major event in late 2021. The startup was able to sign 2 contracts in the middle of the crisis, proof that the sector has indeed taken the turn of automation and has become aware of its need for new technologies to move forward. 

2 patents | 2 contracts for 2021/2022 | TRL 6 | Next step: commercialization | Amount sought: 1.1M Eur.

Bluetech / Cleantech - Autonomous solar-powered eco-responsible robots to clean oceans.
This French scale-up company is dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of the first eco-responsible range of autonomous and connected solar-powered robots to clean up aquatic spaces without generating pollution. Manufactured in a short circuit, the solution collects solid waste (up to 35cm deep), as well as hydrocarbons using a 100% natural filter. The solution is also equipped with a probe to monitor water quality in real time. A web application has been developed to make the device autonomous. The "small" size of the range is already in action in several European ports such as: La Rochelle, Brest, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Venice.

More than 27 orders in 6 months of commercialization. 2 patents EU | 27 contracts for 2021 | TRL 9 | Next step: Industrialization Medium size | Amount sought: 1.2M Eur 


Cleantech / Energy - Transport of liquified biogas to boost biomethane production.
Spin-off of a French laboratory of excellence and société à mission, this deeptech startup develops a unique technology to liquify non-upgraded biogas to efficiently connect small production sites to biomethane consumption sites. It drastically increases the access to a huge untapped potential of biogas, produced via on farm anaerobic digestion or organic matter, reduces the cost of biogas valorization by 50% with mutualized processing and allows the production of bioNGV, a low-carbon fuel for heavy mobility and bioCO2. Biogas liquefaction POC in T1 2020. Lab demonstrator under construction, tests in T1 2022. First commercial project in 2023 in Brittany with 11 farmers and 2 to 3 transportation companies. 

More 2 patents | 3 contracts for 2020 | TRL 5 | TAM: 15B Eur | Next Step: Industrial demonstrator | Amount sought: 5M Eur. 

Green Mobility / Maritime / Industry - Boat motor using an undulating fin instead of a propeller
The startup develops an efficient, secure, and quieter nautical mobility, 100% electric, replacing propellers of boats by an undulating membrane, inspired from nature. Almost ready to be industrialized, its first product is a 2 kW ouboard motor, equivalent to a 5 HP engine, designed for small boats like tenders and sailing boats up to 3 tonnes. In order to begin the industralization and the marketing of this product and to develop a 100 kW motor, equivalent to a 150 HP engine, for bigger boats, the startup is launching a 5M Eur Series A round. This fundraising will also give the opportunity to the startup to sell licenses to manufacturers in other applications: pumps, fans, hydraulic power units...

5 patents owned by the startup | TRL 6 | TAM: 50 Bn Eur | Next step: Industrialization | Amount sought: 5M Eur

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