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The Bpifrance DeepTech Program will showcase 6 french deeptech companies on Thursday, April 21st, at 5PM CEST.

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Medtech - Advanced sleep apnea screening with a smartphone 
A product of the PSL ecosystem, Apneal offers a solution that enables a sleep test to be carried out with a device limited to the use of the patient's smartphone, placed on the chest during the night. The analysis of the smartphone's sensors enables the reconstruction of cardiac and respiratory activity and certain ventilatory polygraph tracings. The solution is currently undergoing clinical trials in APHP centres. It is positioned on the care pathway between the clinical examination, the screening questionnaires and the in-depth sleep examinations, while being prescribed by the doctors. The solution is of great interest to the medical community, and the start-up has won several prizes and trophies at medical conferences and trade fairs. Interesting perspectives on other pathologies (cardiac, respiratory) with the same examination. 
3 patents | TRL: 5-6 | TAM: 17 Bn€ | Next Step: launch of first product, MD | Amount sought: 1.5 M€

Deeptech/Telecom - Stay Online Indoors 
30% of mobile phone users complain about the quality of indoor communications. The main reason for thisn is the accelerated use of thermally insulated windows, imposed by the energy transition, which strongly attenuate the propagation of radio waves and the introduction of 5G. A product of the Linksium incubator, Lichens is developing a passive solution for mobile operators. It restores the quality of communications by applying a transparent plastic film printed with a repetitive conductive pattern to the glass, at an affordable cost for commercial buildings under 8,000 metres. 
1 patent worldwide | POC validated: interest from mobile operators | TRL: 5 | SAM: 1.5 Bn€| Next Step: seed - Amount sought: 625K€

Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology – Novel cancer therapeutic 
Spin-off of a French laboratory of excellence, Kairos Discovery will develop innovative therapeutic solutions, in priority in oncology. With its first drug candidate, the company is targeting pancreatic and brain cancers, representing unmet medical needs and resistant to current therapies. This – orally bioavailable – therapeutical strategy allows for a better chance against resistance phenomenon, which is currently a major obstacle to the most powerful chemotherapies used in the clinic. Proof of concept has been achieved in various translational mouse models and demonstrates potential efficacy and a more optimized safety profile than its competitors. This innovation is protected by a European patent application and a PCT extension whose exclusive exploitation rights will be transferred to the start-up as soon as it is created. This start-up aims at achieving clinical proof of efficacy after Phase 2 trials for the drug candidate before licensing it to a major pharmaceutical company by 2028.
1 Patent worldwide I TRL: 4 I TAM: $6.4Bn by 2026 I Next Step: Preclinical regulatory studies I Amount sought: 1.34 M€

Telecoms - User mobility and promotion of a new communication channel
Hopcast is the outcome of several years of fruitful cooperation between a leading university and a leading multinational company. It offers an innovative and patented content distribution solution exploiting user mobility and promoting a local and sustainable communication channel. Consequently, it reduces carbon footprint and provides a more inclusive Internet. The solution is being deployed in an African university to distribute video courses while avoiding the cost of cellular data. Applications of our technology are currently being discussed with several partners. 
1 EU patent, Advanced discussions with 3 partners | TRL: 5 | TAM: $15B | Next Step: Demonstration in an operational environment | Amount sought: 500 K€ 

Cleantech/Energy - SaaS smart remote inspection tool for solar power plant 
Spin-off of a French laboratory of excellence, Heliocity has developed a cloud-based analytics toolbox, allowing to translate readily available data from solar installations into diagnostics and action recommendations. Operators and owners thereby gain insights into the health of their installations and the possible remedial actions to correct the losses duly identified and quantified by cause. They can then make informed decisions to maximize (financial) productivity and reduce operating & maintenance costs. The solution has already been successfully tested over 15 different site setups with a dozen of French operators. In the commercial launch phase, the start-up is in advanced discussion with a major French operator of more than a thousand solar installations. 
IP worldwide exclusivity license, Technology validated (15 PoCs) | TRL: 8 | TAM (2030) : 4Bn € | Next Step: commercial launch | Amount sought: 1.2 M€ 

Healthtech - Disrupting the diagnostics market by analysing the patient conditions 
Manitty pushes the boundaries of diagnosis and connected health for professionals, providing the monitoring information that users really need and enabling accurate interpretation of patient conditions. Our innovation is the result of work by the CNRS and the Ecole Polytechnique and consists of an all-in-one solution; a miniature device capable of collecting multiple body and brain data, connected to a deep learning platform, to generate intelligent indexes. The solution has already been successfully tested in the laboratory and in business conditions (TRL 5), in collaboration with a major international group. Manitty's mission is to translate our physical and mental state in real time by generating reliable indicators to improve human and animal well-being.  The technology will make body language understandable anywhere, anytime and to anyone. 
Exclusive worldwide license/ patents pending | TRL 5 | TAM : 154 Bn€ | Next Step : industrialisation | Amount sought : 1 M€.







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