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InvestHorizon kick-off - Discover our first list of top deeptech companies selected in the health sector | Paris, June 7th

InvestHorizon is a programme financed by the European Commission in association with Eureka to foster investment readiness. The InvestHorizon Accelerator is for selected deep tech companies to facilitate series A funding.

​EuroQuity will be there on the 7th, in charge of the first pitch session of the Accelerator programme. 

The pitching event at a glance:
  • 07th of June from 09:00 to 12:00 CET at Bpifrance's offices 6/8 boulevard Haussmann. 
  • +20 serie A european companies pitching. Two Parallel sessions. 7 min pitch / 5 min Q/A
This invitation is limited to our investment partners (register). Don’t miss out on this great opportunity and save your spot now! 

Here is the first list of deeptech companies:


Biotech – Diagnostic Tests
A biotech corporation created to bring revolutionary technologies to the market of personalized molecular diagnostics. Their mission is to eliminate cancer misdiagnosis by creating reliable, 100% accurate, quantitative and affordable diagnostic tests. The company is launching its next generation of revolutionary diagnostic tests, which can precisely identify and quantify cancer markers.
Has generated €200k in revenues since 2016 by selling sub-products | €2.5 M sought

Biotech – Neurodegenerative
A biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing first in class molecules that address important medical needs in the field of neurodegenerative diseases and in the area of deafness. All data generated from in vitro test methods enable to demonstrate the positive impact of the company on: Induction of neuronal differentiation of murine and human progenitor cells; Protection against toxicity-induced by glutamate and oxidative stress; Stimulation of connections between spiral neuronal ganglion cells and ciliated cells, which are responsible for hearing
Efficacity results from in vivo test methods support that they represent a new class of molecules effective for the purpose of treating patients with neuropathy/synaptopathy linked to hearing loss | €8 M sought

Biotech – Phenylketonuria
A biotech company aiming to develop novel therapies to treat diseases caused by protein misfolding. Their first disease target is phenylketonuria (PKU), a rare genetic disease of metabolism. The development program is based on the company's intellectual property on the screening and development of small molecule pharmacological chaperones with the potential to stabilize/maintain the native structure of the protein involved in the disease.
Promising proof of principle in vitro and in vivo, with line of sight to a de-risked preclinical candidate | €2.5 M sought

Digital Health – Generate Personalized Diagnosis and Prognosis reports
All-in-One Platform for Storage, Management and Usage of Genetic Data within Clinical Practice. It fills the gap between patients, physicians, geneticists and genetic labs, creating a symbiotic network to make genomic based medicine truly part of everyday medical practice. Individuals willing to sequence their DNA, can proactively do so once, and only once. Their Genomic data is stored for lifetime in their system and, whenever needed, the individual gives access to his/her physician - any specialist, non-geneticist, to query the genomic data for the relevant for the practice. Genetic reports are then automatically generated, using a user-friendly language, with actionable information, presented in an uncomplicated form.
First sell in 2016 | €10 M sought €3.6 M have been secured

Digital Assistant for Long-Term Care
The company has developed a technology for Contact-Free Continuous Monitoring (CFCM) of activity parameters for nursing homes, to reduce the incidence of falls and bedsores. It is a novel software-only technology leveraging deep learning and computer vision analytics which, coupled with off-the-shelf cameras (CCTV), provides insights and multiple smart alerts, reposition reminders and reports for caregivers.
Secured key partnerships with hardware providers, distributors, Electronic Health Records (EHR) providers | €800 K sought €400 K have been secured

Digital Health – Data Brooker
The company collects and processes pharmacies commercial data to build up a panel. It’s a data broker as SAAS provider for pharmacies, pharmacy chains, pharmaceutical labs. The data is accessed for their customers through APIs & self-service apps. They only collect commercial data, excluding any « personal » data. Data are extracted hourly from the pharmacy ERP and are only extracted through an explicit agreement and contract with the pharmacy owner. In these General Conditions, the pharmacy owner concedes the right to collect, process and commercialize the data.
They have already deployed the solution on 5,000 point of sales with a steady growth of the panel | €2.5 M sought
Diagnostics for Sleeping Disorders

A company with extensive experience in audio analyzing technology for sleeping disorders. The company collaborates with leading medical technology industries and hospitals worldwide. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for those who suffer from sleeping disorders by providing them with healthy, secure, reliable and robust solutions.
The company has proceeded fast with development and the product launch takes place in Q3/2019 | €4.2 M sought

Thermotherapy for Treatment of Cancer

The company offers a new approach to thermotherapy for treatment of cancer. It increases efficacy of radio- or chemotherapy up to 50%. Thermotherapy has no negative side effects for patients. They use microwave antennas with precision control through software to heat the tumor. Nearby sensitive organs are fenced off from the heat. Therefore, it can be used on many tumor types, even deep within the body. The patented technology is unmatched in industry.
Patented proven clinical prototype; 70 patients treated; Community of 10 clinics | €6 M sought - Tranche 1: €3.2 M - Tranche 2: €2.8 M
3D Imaging Software for Bone Diagnosis
A medical imaging software development company in four key medical fields: arrhythmias, aneurysm, epilepsy and osteoporosis. They offer the medical technology industry fast and low-cost pathways for the creation of innovative and advanced solutions. They also provide an effective means of bringing these solutions to a growing global market. They achieve this by means of an in-house software development platform for the rapid prototyping of medical imaging applications.
Sales launch in 2018: 6 unites/ € 60K, pipeline > € 300K, CE Mark | € 1.8 M sought
Treatment of Localized Adiposity
The company has developed a technology that radically eliminates localized body fat excess (adiposity) and provides results never achieved until now: up to 5 cm. waistline reduction after one 20-minutes session. The company has developed a non-invasive medical device that also uses digital management of ultrasound, shape recognition based on based on IA, augmented reality guidance of the physician. This medical device is being CE marked and should reach the market this year.
The CE marking is in process (electrical tests validated, and technical file being audited). It will be followed by a short test phase in Paris before the beginning of the distribution | 5 M€ sought


le Friday, May 24th 2019
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