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Introducing eight Seal of Excellence companies to investors next November 24th at 5:00 PM CET

EuroQuity selects the best eight European companies that have recently received a Seal of Excellence certificate.

A selection of 8 companies among the best European Seal of Excellence companies, all looking for funding from 0.5M€ to 6M€ will be pitching for 5 minutes each next November 24th at 5:00 PM CET.

All Seal of Excellence companies were certified by the European Commission thanks to their high potential innovation business plan that passed the threshold of selection of SME Instrument  call (only 7% get financed).

This session is dedicated to diverse industries such as construction, robotics, waste management, digital health, AI-as-a-Service,
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Medtech/Real World Imaging Evidence
Unleashing Medical Imaging to deliver real world Evidence to Biopharma thanks our Network of European Hospitals & Partners

Spin-off project from a University Hospital, the start-up has developed a technology which allows the Extraction, the Curation, the Enrichment & the De-Identification of multi-centric and complex Dataset for Biopharma. The first software solution, already in use in 30 Hospitals all over Europe, allow tailored GDPR compliant Dataset extractions to train AI model, to build Imaging Biomarkers, to identify patients and develop synthetic control arms. A Smart Contractive and Federative platform is planned in order to deliver Evidence thanks to sophisticated processing and analytics tools.
Main customers : Biopharma | TRL : 6 et 9 (two products) | TAM : €1.2bn | Amount to raise: €5m - France

Machine Vision / Artificial Intelligence / Robotics
Our focus is on AI boosting the automation of vision-based processes. We are developing Pick[+] our AI-enabled robot wrist camera (TRL7) and Robot Cell (Robot as a Service) both connected to UniMind (TRL6), our cloud-based platform that provides with intelligence and self-learning features to cameras and robots without human intervention. NDAs and LOIs signed by leading companies (SIEMENS, NISSAN Motors, Universal Robots, Advantech, among others). Incubated by Barcelona Activa – Accelerated by IQS Next Tech – Certified advisors by Catalan Government as Industry 4.0 – Currently performing 1st Pick[+]’s use case at DOGA. | TRL: 6-7 | TAM: $4.33B | Next step: industrializing + commercial acceleration | 0.5M€ sought – Spain

IT / Critical Infrastructures and Systems / Smart Cities / GIS 
We give superhuman abilities to human operators of the complex critical systems by analysing mission critical Big Data in real-time. By processing Giga Bytes of real-time telemetry data and extracting valuable and actionable insights on the fly, our awards winning AI platforms reduce the probability of human errors by more than a tenfold and prevent costly consequences. By offering our novel hybrid AI approach, where our company fuses human expertise with AI, we preserve precious human knowledge and skills in AI Knowledge Packs, and amplify the application of it in a variety of domains today - in this way leading the change and laying the foundations of the future knowledge as a service platform (KaaS). Our company delivers AI platforms and offers purpose-built AI Knowledge Packs for critical IT infrastructures, telecoms and adjacent industries. Issued European, US and Japanese Patents (with several more pending), technology partnerships with TOP 4 global cloud and enterprise compute platforms manufacturers - Winner of the Copernicus Masters - Security, Copernicus Masters - Emergency management, Semifinalist of the 2018 Global Prize of IBM Call for Code Contest,  Semifinalist on IBM Watson AI for Good XPRIZE multiyear competition, | TRL : 7-8 | TAM : >$30B | Next Step : scaleup and international expansion | 2.5M€ sought in exchange for 20% stake in the company - The Netherlands

IOT/Digital Health/Medical Devices /SaaS
Our company is an up-and-coming global medical technology company committed to creating products that improve quality of life for both patients and providers. Their current main focus is developing the next generation hospital bed, which has no-touch continuous monitoring, including heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, and movement patterns. Partner with 10 hospitals across EU and North America | Winner of 1.5 M € Covid-19 Innovation Grant-Innovation Norway | Runner Up Best Start in Norway- DagensNæringsliv 2019 | TRL 6 | TAM: 1.7 M new hospital beds sold per year  | Next Step: Industrialization  | 3M € sought - Norway

URBAN Tech/Circular Economy/Waste Management/Energy
We make portable anaerobic digestion systems which are modular and can be integrated into buildings to convert the waste into Energy for the site, while recovering the water and fertiliser in the waste. Partner with Top 2 facility management global companies. Installed pilot sites in USA (Google HQ), UK, France, Portugal, Italy. LOI for rollout in India. Solar Impulse Efficient Solution. Corporate Venture funding raised from Enagas Emprende (Spain). Patents granted | TRL 7-8 | TAM $161B | Next Step: Commercial Acceleration| €3M sought - United Kingdom

Construction / Smart Building / AI
We developed I-Pro 1, the first smart patented technology for the seismic protection of already existing buildings. Standard devices are installed on the roof of the building, together with sensors installed around the structure. During the seismic event, the system counteracts the motion of the building minimizing the risk of damage or collapse. The system results to be completely non-invasive thanks to the external installation, avoiding disturbance for the inhabitants. Collected around 300k€ from national and international startup competitions – Winner of SME Instrument Phase 1 – Closed a first round of investment of 570k€ | TRL : 6-7 | TAM : $19B | Next Step : commercialization | 2M€ sought – Italy

Energy storage / Electrification
We offer sustainable high-power energy storage solutions for heavy-duty applications. Our products are complete battery modules, made using our novel proprietary water-based electrolyte and unique engineering and manufacturing know-how. Pilot products in operation - Product development projects with leading heavy machinery and automotive OEMs - Winner of Energia2020 innovation competition – TOP 3 winner of Nordic Cleantech Open - Backed by deep-tech investors and an industrial family office | TRL: 6-9 | TAM: $153B | SAM: $10B | Next Step: growth | 4M€ sought – Finland

Sustainable Energy / Construction
Our mission is to boost distributed renewable energy generation. Our Building Integrated Solar roofs combine traditional metal roof and innovative solar technology into one product (2in1). Similar to Tesla solar tiles, also our roofs look and operate as regular roofs with a power generation function. Key advantage is the lower cost for installation as the solar panel will be installed simultaneously with the roof with no additional cost for labour and mounting materials like. German Energy Agency and World Energy Council - finalist at the Startup Energy Transition.  Finalist at the Europe Business Awards for  Environment, Clean Air Challenge Award - Innoenergy | TRL 8  |  TAM : $100B+ | Next step : scale up | 6M€ sought – Estonia  

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