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Introducing eight Seal of Excellence companies to investors next May 11th at 5:00 PM CEST

EuroQuity selects the best eight European companies that have recently received a Seal of Excellence certificate.

A selection of 8 companies among the best European Seal of Excellence companies, all looking for funding from EUR 1.5 - 6.0 Mn, will be pitching for 5 minutes each next May 11th at 5:00 PM CEST.

All companies received the Seal of Excellence certificate, a quality label awarded to project proposals submitted to Horizon 2020, the EU's research and innovation funding programme, to help these proposals find alternative funding. These companies were judged to deserve funding but did not get it due to budget limits and received the Seal of Excellence as they passed the SME Instrument   call selection threshold (only 7% get financed).

This session is dedicated to diverse solutions in ClimateTech, Cybersecurity, medtech, quantum computing, Saas solution, speech recognistion check the program below.

If your schedule is too busy, you can watch the recorded session by registering.

France - MedTech / Personalized Medicine
Our Digital Twin simulates the concentration of drugs in the blood of a patient based on his/her personal characteristics in order to avoid under-doses, overdoses and drug-drug interactions. We want to become the worldwide reference in personalized medication simulations. Integrated into Vidal for hospitals - Multi-year contract with UPSA - POCs with Elsevier, Dômes Pharma - Seal of Excellence - i-Lab laureate - cited by the HBR – invited by the MIT at their « AI for Healthcare summit ». | TRL: 6-8 | TAM: $25B | Next Step : industrialization + commercial acceleration | 5M€ sought 

Sweden - Medtech/ Medical Device
Tada medical introduces, ReLink a patented advanced breakaway connector for preventing accidental dislodgement of IV lines. ReLink designed to reduce complications and costs associated with accidental disconnection events in healthcare settings, a leading challenge in hospital and homecare infusions. ReLink not only makes the IV therapy safe for patients but also reduces nursing time by the bedside. Grant recipient through the H2020 programme Fast Track to Innovation Grant recipient through the EIC Accelerator (SME Instrument) Phase 2/ EIC Pilot SME Phase 2 2020First runner-up in the Swedish competitions Wistrand Startup Star and Health Tech Pitch Day, 2019 Won the pitch competitions EIT Health Fellowship Network Strongest Commercial Potential, 2018 Won the Swedish competition Business Challenge 2018. | TRL : 6-8 | TAM : €11.4 bn| Next step : Scaling up manufacturing and commercialisation | €3-5M sought 

Israel - Automatic speech recognition for non-standard speech
Voiceitt has built proprietary automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology for non-standard speech. Its first product, a language-agnostic mobile app launching in 2021, enables people with highly atypical speech patterns correlated with disability or aging to access mainstream voice activated devices (eg Siri, Google Home, Amazon Echo), and to communicate and be understood by voice (demo here). In December 2020, Voiceitt announced its unique integration with Amazon Alexa, enabling people with speech and motor disabilities to access Alexa independently for the first time. €15M+ invested to date, including €4M in non-dilutive funds including European Commission Horizon 2020 SME Instrument and FTI grants; institutional investors include Microsoft's M12 and the Amazon Alexa Fund.  Winner of the United Nations/European Commission "Accessible EU" prize in March 2021. |  TRL: 8 | Next Step : product launch Q4 2021 | 3M€ sought 

Germany - IT SaaS Solution

AI-powered lead generation for small and medium enterprises. Backed by a best-practice growth framework Contentpepper can replace 3+ traditional tools and reduces the total cost of marketing with automation and AI-based decision optimization. Seal of Excellence Holder 2020, Horizon Accelerated | TRL: 6-8 | TAM: $15B | Next step : commercial application | 1.5M€ sought 

Austria - Cybersecurity
CYBERTRAP makes the fight against persistent threats and hackers residing in your network most effective and effortless. For the first time, sophisticated deception technology and know-how is offered as a subscription-based managed service. Awarded to MOST PROMISING COMPANY by global cybersecurity jury - Winner of the BORN GLOBAL CHAMPION - Winner of the Go Silicon Valley program | TRL: 9 | TAM: $1.3B | Next Step : growth acceleration | 1.5M€ sought – Austria

US/Norway ClimateTech / Ocean / FoodTech / AI / IoT / Data 
Blue economy industries seek affordable tools to operate sustainably. Aquaai's bio-inspired robotic technology offers an end-to-end solution using affordable fishlike autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) that unobtrusively collect and deliver in real-time visual and environmental data to a web dashboard. FAAS-Fish-as-a-Service  Purchase Orders from leading Norwegian sustainable aquaculture companies (€2m value) - Industry leading partner & customer (Kvarøy) - Top research institute collaboration (Nofima) - Hardware CleanTech Finalist (2021) -  Winner Top Aquaculture Innovation Award Fish2.0 (2019) - Innovation Norway Grant Recipient (2020) - Six Innovators to Watch (Insurance Thought Leadership) - Forbes Women in AI to Watch - Women in Robotics You Need to Know About (2020)  | TRL: 7-8 | TAM: $3.7B | Next Step : commercial acceleration | 3M€ sought 

Spain - Quantum Computing for Finance
We are a Deep-Tech, Quantum Computing, Spanish company, that provides quantum and quantum inspired (Tensor Networks) solutions to Optimization, Machine Learning, Pricing and Simulation problems in the financial industry. First in the world to prove the superiority of our tool (Singularity) with real customers and real problems (not Toy Models) Transitioning to a SaaS model. Cited prominently by IBM, Forbes, The Economist, The Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey.  Seal of excellence and member of the Governing Board at the European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuiC). | TRL: 6-8 | TAM (2027 to reach): €1.42 billion | Next Step: Complete development of Singularity and commercial acceleration | 6M sought 

The NetherlandsClean Tech/ Water Purification 
Water scarcity is expected to affect half the world’s population by 2030. However we are already increasingly seeing households and rural communities relying on bottled water or transported water. This is because the available fresh water sources have become saline or chemically contaminated. SolarDew provides the simplest, most reliable and affordable solution for customers to sustainably produce their own clean drinking water. SolarDew’s technology can remove salt, arsenic, heavy metals in a single step to ensure people get sufficient drinking water on a daily basis and at a high quality. This significantly saves time, reduces household expenditure and with minimal impact on the environment compared to the current situation. SolarDew aims to provide 1 million people with clean drinking water by 2030. Winner Get in the Ring – Impact – The Hague, Finalist Energy XL by InnoEnergy, Runner Up in GIST Catalyst Competition (Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Category Water), Letter of Intents signed with Manufacturing partners, Cooperation agreements signed with distributors in Chile and Australia, Preparing project proposals to 5 launching customers.  | TRL: 6-8 | TAM: $13B | Next Step : commercialization | 2.5M€ sought 


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