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Introducing eight Seal of Excellence companies to investors next March 18th at 5:00 PM CET

EuroQuity selects the best eight European companies that have recently received a Seal of Excellence certificate.

A selection of 8 companies among the best European Seal of Excellence companies, all looking for funding from EUR 0.3 - 10.0 Mn, will be pitching for 5 minutes each next March 18th at 5:00 PM CET.

All companies received the Seal of Excellence certification, a quality label awarded to project proposals submitted to Horizon 2020, the EU's research and innovation funding programme, to help these proposals find alternative funding. These companies were judged to deserve funding but did not get it due to budget limits and received the Seal of Excellence as they passed the SME Instrument  call selection threshold (only 7% get financed).

This session is dedicated to diverse solutions in agritech, aquaculture, biotech, energy, foodtech, healthtech, medtech, observation space, Saas, check the program below.

If your schedule is too busy, you can watch the recorded session by registering .

Marine aquaculture 
We provide unique feed for marine aquaculture hatcheries, helping reduce mortality, bolster growth and improve quality issues for farmed fish and shrimp. We have a global approach, working with species like shrimp, SeaBream, Seriola, and among others. We entered the market after 15 years of R&D at Sintef Ocean and have already built our first demo production plant in Norway. We already generate revenues and ask for EUR 3.8 mn to extend our production capacity and boost growth for the next 5 years. Seal of Excellence Green Deal, May 2020. | TRL 6-8/ Next step: Industrialisation | EUR 3.8 Mn sought - Norway
Medical Device / Physiologic / Drug Delivery / ExOlin®
We are a worldwide leader in the development of innovative implantable medical devices that change the paradigm of therapeutics' administration. Our solutions aim for a targeted administration of drugs, in a physiologic site, in order to improve disease's management and patients' quality of life. ISO13485:2016 - Ready to enter in clinical trials in France by end 2021 - Patient comity approval to start clinical trial - Manufacturing process upscaled - Seal of excellence by EIC-Pilot evaluators - Winner of the 10000 Start-up La tribune challenge in 2019 | TRL: 6 | TAM: $44B | Next Step: clinical trial | EUR 10.0 Mn  sought – France

CleanTech | Agritech
We design, build and operate the SPRHOUT, a solar-thermal-based energy system to industrial power processes focusing on the horticultural industry. We sell the SPRHOUT as a turn-key solar energy system or via a power purchase agreement (PPA). Partner with a leading greenhouse manufacturer - Finalist of the Shell New energy Challenge - Winner of the Start-up Energy Transition 2018 - Secured EUR 450 k through European and national grants - 15 LOI's signed with potential customers | TRL: 6-8 | TAM: €8bn | Next step: commercial acceleration | EUR 0.5 Mn sought - Netherlands

IoT / Smart Grid / Energy Harvesting
We develop battery-free intelligent IoT devices that can monitor any grid assets, helping distribution and transmission energy companies enhance their smart grid application and reduce operation and maintenance costs. Our patented innovation comes from an energy harvesting technology that allows our devices to be 5x times more cost-efficient and much more flexible than other market solutions. We are a spin-off of IMB-CNM (CSIC) and are supported by InnoEnergy. We also received many awards, such as MIT Technology Review and cleantech camp. We currently have two on-going paid pilots in Spain and New Caledonia. | TRL: 6-7 | TAM: € 11.4B | Next Step: Pilot validation / traction | EUR 0.3 Mn sought - Spain

Air Microbial Monitoring / Clean Tech Manufacturing

Unique self-learning hardware and software platform implementing most modern patented light-based techniques for microbial on-the-fly analysis. In comparison with current methods (5 days to detect contamination) our efficient instruments enable continuous, operator-free, and real-time viable particle monitoring with high precision. Track-record in outdoor monitoring (14 units, multi-million revenue), use of additional funds to develop and scale up production of new indoor monitoring product. On the latter we are already running pilots with major pharma (Roche) and food players (Barilla). TRL: 6-8 | TAM: $7Bn | Next Step : industrialization | EUR 5.0 Mn sought – Switzerland

Bio-Tech/Food Tech
The packtin project is to create a circular and sustainable food industry. Thanks to our technology, we can valorize 100% of any plant-based by-products turning them into natural food products and natural fibers for food and packaging sector | TRL 6-9 |Next step: creation of pilot scale plant to start the production  | EUR 1.0 Mn sought – Italy

Earth Observation / Aviation
SkyfloX turns commercial airline fleets into a platform for Earth observation by mounting sensors on airliners, providing ultra high frequency and low cost data. The company is about to equip the first Boeing 737-800 with an Earth observation payload and perform pilot flights over Europe. Runner-up of NewSpace Conference Luxembourg, receiver of European Commission Seal of Excellence, over 10+ LOIs signed with major international geospatial end-users and data providers | TRL: 6-7 | TAM: $8B | Next step: commercialisation, equipping 40 aircraft over Europe | 8M€ sought – Luxembourg

IT / Digital/ BioTech
Tercen is a software platform that enables Biologists to perform Big Data analytics without having to learn programming skills. This frees Bioinformaticians to focus on developing better scientific analysis tools. Our mission is to radically change the way data analysis is performed in Life Sciences by being faster, more flexible, and more collaborative than anything seen before. Tercen enterprise installed at a TOP 3 pharmaceutical (U.S.), multiple paying customers: BioTech and Academia (Europe), 400+ free users worldwide – Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence | TRL: 7 | TAM: $18.3B | Next step: commercial acceleration | 3M€ sought – Ireland
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