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How can a EuroQuity pitch session help your startup?

With over 150 pitch sessions organised in the last 3 years, a strong network of investors and a 30% rates of fundraising, EuroQuity has become a strong partner for startups to pitch in front of international investors.

Pitch sessions are organised for startups to showcase their business to an audience of investors. EuroQuity has gained a strong expertise in running pitch sessions, with more than 150 events organised over the last 3 years, a strong network of 3 000 investors (Business Angels, VCs, FOs and CVCs). 30% of the startups that went through our sessions the last 3 years have announced raising funds.

The model of pitch session that EuroQuity has developped goes as followed:
  • First call with the entrepreneur to do a mock pitch, receive feedback on your presentation and key elements that should be mentioned
  • Optional second call if the entrepreneur feels the need to rehearse again and receive additionnal feedback
  • Publication of an article on the EuroQuity blog with description of the pitching companies, shared to our database of investors
  • 5 to 8min of pitching and Q&A during the online session in front of an audience of 30 to 60 investors (BANs, VCs and CVCs)
  • Follow up one-on-ones with investors who booked a slot for further discussions
  • Recording of the whole session and pitch decks shared to all the registered investors to the event.

Rédigé par Etienne Pebrier le Sunday, October 15th 2023
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