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European entrepreneurs presenting solutions for managing COVID - 19th of May at 17:00 CEST

5 top solutions to help fight Covid-19, selected by VC partners.

The selection of 5 companies was made from various sources of European programmes involving innovative startups, and shortlisted by VC partners, all these entrepreneurs are  looking for funding from  1.5M€ to 30M€ and they will be pitching for 8 minutes each next Tuesday, May 19th, at 5 pm CEST.

This session is dedicated to diverse industries such as HealthTech, MedTech, AI and BioTech, check the program below.

If your schedule is too busy, you will still be able to watch the recorded session by registering.

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Medtech / Respiratory Diagnostic-COVID
We are an industry leader in respiratory monitoring for our patented wearable. A novel and quickly adopted clinical decision support tool identifies patient deterioration 6 or more hours earlier than the standard of care. It has shown to be a highly sensitive marker of deterioration, being 99% accurate when abnormal blood chemistry is present. It is an essential tool for patients at risk of Respiratory Compromise and especially for COVID-19 positive patients. Presently our patented wearable is being used in 40 beds with 200+ beds being implemented across the next 6 weeks in Ireland and the UK. The emerging serviceable market opportunity is in excess of €2.5Bn. PMD is seeking €3.5m of equity funding of which €1.4m has already been committed. The use of funds is to scale market awareness and establish reimbursement coding which will bring the company into profitability. | Capital sought: €3.5m - Ireland

Biotech/ severe Covid-19
We develop a peptide drug, for severe cases of Covid-19, namely those with a generalized inflammation of the endothelium affecting lung, heart and kidneys and leading to multi- organ failure. The drug has anti- inflammatory efficacy and prevents edema formation by “sealing up” the damaged inner layer of small blood vessels i.e. the endothelium. FX06 has a very benign safety profile and might – beyond Covid-19 patients – be an effective treatment option in other severe diseases associated with capillary leak and inflammation.
First Covid-19 patients have been treated with FX06 and a ph II controlled study will start in June Capital sought: 1.5M€ - Germany, Austria, France, Italy

Biotech / repositioning EMA-approved drugs for COVID-19
We are leaders in therapeutic target discovery and drug repositioning. We implement computational AI-driven drug identification to an accelerated therapeutic validation technology to more efficiently reposition EMA-approved drugs. In applying this novel approach, we have identified clinical and pre-clinical drugs capable of maintaining cell viability and function in the face of toxicity-induced cell death. The drug candidates we have identified specifically prevent two key aspects of COVID19 disease progression, namely the amplification of viral particles and cell death, and the induction of tissue hyperinflammation leading to adverse outcome and death in patients.
H2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 winner (2.42M€) and a JLABS resident company, we have developed a rich pipeline in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, Cardiotoxicity, Heart failure & Rare Disease, with our first compounds (10M€ partnership deal) - to enter Phase 1 clinical trials in 2021 Capital sought : 4.6M€ (1.1M€ for simultaneous in vitro / in vivo studies, 3.5M€ for subsequent Phase 1/2 clinical trials) - Germany 

Medtech / Bio-decontamination
Delox developed dryVHP, a solid formulation of hydrogen peroxide (oxygenated water). Besides highly effective (eliminating 99.999% of the microorganisms), safe, and environmentally friendly bio-decontamination agent, it simplifies the design of automatic bio-decontamination devices, outstripping currently marketed equipment by being compact, robust, and energy-efficient. Our mission is to deliver bio-decontamination to everyone, everywhere.
We have raised €175k of non-dilutive funding (European Space Agency, EIT Health and SME Instruments I), and €300k from VCs. So far, we have filed two patents, and executed 3 successful field tests with the Portuguese Army and Decontamination Specialty Equipment Inc, PA, USA. In the next three months, we are developing two bio-decontamination chambers to decontaminate protective respirators allowing their reuse by healthcare workers, and we are also working with bio-decontamination experts to pilot our solution in compounding and hospital pharmacies in the USA. Capital sought: €1 M – Portugal 

Digital Health / AI
Our digital health assistant helps you understand what might be wrong if you are feeling unwell. Simply state your symptoms and answer questions to find possible diagnoses. It is based on 14 years of scientific research by medical doctors and data scientists to help patients receive their right diagnosis and treatment.
Today, it is the most used symptom checker worldwide among both doctors and patients with millions of users and searches per month. Its diagnostic accuracy is raising the bar in its industry and has been validated in internal, external, and peer-reviewed scientific publications comparing up to 107 symptom checkers worldwide where it clearly ranked as #1. The company is operating at a profit. Capital sought : 30M€ - Austria

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