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EuroQuity Belgium online pitch session: Brussels technology focus - Thursday, July 4 at 5pm CEST

We selected companies that are ready to showcase their technology and looking for an investment partner. Each project owner will have 8 minutes to introduce the project to you via webcam. Following the pitch, you will be able to ask questions via the chatbox. Please note that this session will be held in English.

Take a look at the selection:
Edtech / Training
A digital tool to help retaining knowledge while training. Experts estimate that less than 10% of what is learned remains and is used in daily life after 6 months… All the investments to improve trainings (blend learning, experiential learning) are useful and interesting. Nevertheless, it remains a major difficulty to ‘trigger’ the participants when they are back in their daily environment. It is a tool that increases, facilitates and strengthens the implementation of new learnings in daily life.
Target: all compagnies or organizations providing training| 200 K€ sought 
The first Belgian cryptocurrency trading platform inaugurated by the deputy prime Minister of Belgium. Providing an easy-to-use, secure and trusted solution, this platform has a very promising future considering that we see an increase of 1,5 million users per year in Europe at the moment.
Partners: Worldline and Delta App. 1,800 customers so farSought: 900 K€ of which 570 K€ have just been raised. Rest 330K to subscribe

Digitalisation of the car damage process
Digitalisation of car inspection from damage until repair. An app based on the norm defined by the leasers that brings all the transparency at any change of drivers. The system enables the professionals to turn a car inspection into a request for quotes in the repair network of their choice. The benefits? A process streamlined, a reduction of the car immobilization and a significant saving on the repair itself thanks to our quote comparison module. The platform embeds insurers, brokers, drivers, leasers, fleet managers, damage appraisals experts into the platform.
Partnership with Baloise / Test phase with Europcar | 650 K€ sought
Music Tech
Music rights holders need to be identified to get paid for the usage of their tracks by the streaming platforms, i.e. The problem: the way ownership data travels throughout the value chain is unreliable. The solution links this data straight to the audio file with its breakthrough technology.
Ongoing discussions with major streaming platforms, tech actors and labels | 500 K€ sought
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