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Enhance your company profile

 1. Fill in the left cartridge by clicking on the pencil:

Enhance your company profile
  • Add a media (a video of your company, an image,...)
  • Present your logo
  • Add a short description
  • Define your market and technology skills
  • Enter 5 tags in each category
Validate to see if this information appears on your company profile

2. Present your company’s in detail

This main description allows you to attract your future partners and investors. You can add style to highlight your strengths.
Feel free to insert links to your website and your communication media.

3. Fill in the key information of your company

Enhance your company profile
Date of creation
Turnover figures
Number of employees
Intracommunity VAT number

4. Introduce your profile in multiple languages

Enhance your company profile
You can introduce your company profile
In French,
In English
In German

5. Make your publications available in your "Dataroom

Three types of datarooms are available to display your documents :
- Dataroom - Public Files:
Accessible to all
- Dataroom - Investor files:
The files are only visible by investors
- Dataroom - Private Files :
You can define who can view these documents. Confidentiality is maximized.

le Tuesday, August 7th 2018
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