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EU United Against the Virus -Hackathon #EUvsVirus

In the current context, innovators, start-ups and makers of all sorts in Europe are working to develop innovative solutions to be deployed in the short-term to alleviate the negative consequences of the corona crisis. We can identify five areas as targets for these innovative solutions Health & Medicine, Business Continuity, Social Cohesion, Protection of Risk Groups, and Education.

We all know about supplies problem in health materials from respirators to masks, students who had to move into e-learning without any transition phase or economic issues in many European Member States. Those few examples illustrate well the need in term of urgent short-term solutions that only innovators of all kind and start-ups can provide quickly and efficiently.

What’s next?
Since the beginning of March lot of online hackathons have been organised across Europe (Estonia, Finland, Poland, Italy, Belgium…). However, as we need to act together, the first pan-European hackathon will take place between the 24th and 26th of April to address the very acute problem of COVID-19.

The Pan-European hackathon #EUvsVirus is a joint event between the European Commission and actors from similar national initiatives from Member States on whose experiences the EU hackathon is building. That is the opportunity to act together by participating to a common organizational and technical framework in which the participants can get involved online and develop working prototypes and solutions for technically, politically and socially relevant issues regarding the corona crisis. It aims at commonly developing innovative solutions, e.g. high tech, low tech, hardware, software, etc., using biotech, digital tech, societal science and other innovation domains.


The event is opened to the entire European Community of innovators (start-ups, makers, retailers, public and private buyers, end users …) as the overarching purpose is to match-make and connect innovators, partners, buyers across Europe for the benefit of addressing imminent corona crisis issues and across various technological fields.

Teams will be composed of individuals from several EU Member States and others where the participants will come exclusively from one MS.
#EUvsVirus hackathon will be structured around 7 categories of problems that need short term solutions in relation to coronavirus. Each category will be split into 5/6 specific challenges that help the teams to focus their projects and ideas. Eventually, each challenge will be split into 5/6 tracks. Each track will describe a very specific problem that needs to be solved. As the main difficulty will be to make an efficient follow-up on the best projects, they will provide avenues for uptake by end-users or follow-up development

What after?

The best solutions will be invited to join the European Innovation Council (EIC) Community Platform that will facilitate connections with end users (e.g. hospital) and will also provide access to investors, foundations and other funding opportunities from the EIC and other EU financial support mechanisms. It will also be a starting point of a much longer collaboration between the European Commission and the ecosystems of innovators, makers and start-ups across Europe in relation to the corona crisis

To participate to the pan European Hackathon: click here

le Tuesday, April 7th 2020
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