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EIC epitching with investors on Virtual and Augmented Reality powered by EuroQuity on September 22 at 12:30 pm CEST

The European Innovation Council and EuroQuity-Bpifrance are pleased to invite investors to participate in our EIC ePitching. This edition will focus on Virtual and Augmented Reality and will take place on September 22 at 12.30 PM (CEST). Six EIC-backed SMEs were selected by a jury of investors and will have the opportunity to present their innovative solutions during an online event to a jury of investors, consisting of representatives from Apex, HTC VIVE, Sure Valley Ventures, Safran, Techmind, PROSEGUR and FOV Ventures. Following this session, investors are invited to schedule one-to-one meetings.

Every month the European Innovation Council organises an ‘EIC ePitching with Investors’ covering a dedicated topic. This time around, the EIC and EuroQuity-Bpifrance are pleased to invite 6 startups to participate in our next session dedicated to VR & AR. The selected EIC-backed SMEs will have the chance to present their innovative solutions during an online event to a jury of investors, consisting of representatives from Apex VenturesHTC VIVESure Valley VentureSafranTechmindProsegurFOV Ventures. Make sure you have your calendar marked for September 22.
Here is detailed program of the start-ups pitching:

Augmented Reality - We provide a tool for delivering AR content fast (in 5 minutes) & easy. It's like YouTube, but for delivering 3D content 
We provide companies with a content delivery tool (SaaS) that helps them bring their products and services in front of their customers fast and cost-effective, by using Augmented Reality (AR). Funding: 180.000 EUR EU Grant from Romanian Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Digitalisation | 50.000 EUR - Horizon | $150.000 in resources (approx) - Microsoft for Startups Sponsorship | Accelerators: InnovX Business Accelerator by ERSTE BCR | 100-Day Global Virtual Accelerator Program from Singapore | Sales Partners: Microsoft IP Co-Sell Ready Program | PropTech Lab (Belgium) | BEROCC | Advertising Agencies (Graffiti PR, Cheil Centrade, DDB, FriendsTBWA, Cohn & Jansen JWT, Tribal Worldwide, adLemonade, g7 WaveCrest, Dare Digital, Sonica Works, KUBIS, BUZZStore) | Customers: We have delivered AR campaigns for: Bosch Rexroth, Accenture, Phoenix Contact, ifm electronic, Continental Automotive, Digital Twin, Riverside Residence, Transylvania College, The commercial Bank of Romania ERSTE. | Next step: commercial acceleration, Proof of Scalability | Seed | B2B2C | EUR 958,260.00 sought – Romania

WEbXR - All-in-one design and prototyping tool for web and mobile apps. From wireframes to highly interactive prototypes.  
A collaborative Rapid App Design platform for any kind of software application including XR.
+3Million users in 180 countries | Customers: 10.000 | TAM: EUR 15 bn | SAM: EUR 2 bn | Turnover 2021: EUR 2mn | MRR:  EUR 125,000 | Next step: commercial acceleration | pre-Serie A | B2B B2C | EUR 30.0 Mn sought – Spain

Robotics/AR&VR - Pioneering a single lens 3D depth camera module for XR devices, robotics, consumer devices. 
apiCAM, a single lens 3D camera that captures a 2D image and 3D depth map simultaneously to ensure perfectly matched image and depth, essential for immersive AR and VR applications, like emotion and gesture recognition.
40 + companies have our evaluation kits to test our technology including leading global manufacturers for smart glasses and HMDs | Member of Qualcomm Advantage Network | Reference Design for Qualcomm 888 and XR2 (Snapdragon Platforms) | Distributors in Japan and China | Sales Representative in California | Customer support staff in Taiwan | Final Assembly and Test in house (unique nanometer alignment process) | Customers: 40+ | TAM: EUR 45bn | SAM: EUR 15bn | Turnover 2021: EUR 0 | MRR:  EUR 150,000 | Next step: commercial acceleration | Serie A | B2B | EUR 5,0Mn sought – Spain

AR&VR - enables real-time 2D/3D hand tracking and gesture control
Hand tracking and gesture control software for XR interaction and industrial control only by using computer vision and machine learning algorithms. 
Partner with Nvidia on industrial solutions, industrial clients include 3M, P&G, Schindler, Atlas Copco. in XR headsets we work with several upcoming (confidential) suppliers. Awards: AWE auggie award 2018, swedens top 33 startup list twice, top 3 CTO EU
| Customers: 12 | TAM: EUR 1bn | SAM: EUR 25Mn | Turnover 2021: EUR 600,000 | MRR:  EUR 25,000 | Next step: Proof of Scalability | pre-Serie A | B2B | EUR 1,5Mn sought – Sweden
MedTech/ Assistive Technology  
Smart glasses for visually impaired people to improve mobility and personal autonomy. Biel Glasses’ advanced technology combines 3D vision, AI and mixed reality, forming the only solution for low vision patients, that utilizes their remaining visual capacity. Raised more than 450k in R&I, awarded with several start-up and technology prizes, such as “Tech for Good” at GITEX Technology Week Dubai - recognizing the start-up with the most significant achievement of the last 12 months | EUR 2.5Mn sought – Spain 

Healthtech, Robotics & Engineering

We build glasses that empower the blind to live a better life. We have a strong Intellectual Property, with one 92-page patent granted in the US in under 18 months, and in international phase in many other countries. Another 3 patents are being drafted with top IP rights Lawyer firms from the US, the EU, and Asia. our employees and founders have over 50 patents in-between them, therefore IP is a great pride of .lumen.  | EUR 15.0Mn sought - Romania

Education, Media, Software, Information and Communications Technologies, Telecom & 5G
Our VR training platform enables an easy no-code approach to creating interactive metaverse-based training and education for vocational education and blue-collar workers. The software is based on extensive interaction research at the Royal Institute of Technology, prized by IEEE and MIT. The Gleechi VR training platform is accessed through a subscription starting at €35 per user  and has been proven to reduce time spent in training with more than 50%. We fully own the IP and have a patent pending for the core technology. | EUR 2.0Mn sought - Sweden

Information and Communications Technologies, Telecom & 5G
We develop critical light-field display technology which will enable the augmented and virtual reality device market take off. It will make virtual imagery more realistic and more pleasant to look at by eliminating the vergence accommodation conflict, focal rivalry and associated nausea, headache and eyestrain.  | EUR 20.0Mn sought - Switzerland

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