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EEN2EIC e-Pitch session: HealthTech Seal of Excellence holders from France on November 29th at 16:00 CET

Join the EEN2EIC e-Pitch session: HealthTech Seal of Excellence holders from France on November 29th at 16:00 CET!

The EEN2EIC project and Euroquity- Bpifrance, are pleased to invite investors ready to invest in innovative ideas, to join the next EEN2EIC e-Pitch session with MedTech Seal of Excellence companies from France. The online event will be held on Wednesday 29/11/2023 at 4:00pm CET.

The pitch session will have 
a structure of 5-min pitch followed by a 3-4 minute Q&A session  with a panel of international VCs investors and the opportunity for one-on-one meetings in break-out rooms after the session. 

Molsid - BioMedical
Developping a platform called "SmartID": Fluorogenic molecular probes detecting enzyme activities. Most rapid and accurate detection of resistance to antibiotics directly on patient sample. First successful clinical trial run in 2022 on PYTHIA probes. Portfolio of 7 patents and a product portfolio around rapid detection of anbiotic resistance. Clinical collaboration with HCL / Industrial partnerships.
TRL: 5-7 | Pre-Serie A | B2B | Customers: 4 | Next step: Industrialisation | TAM: €1.9B | SAM: €1.2B €1M saught - France

echOpen factory - Medical Device, AI
echOpen Factory develops and deploys an ultra-portable, ultra-affordable and easy-to-use ultrasound imaging solution: a versatile tool, completed with AI-based assistance digital tools, for a major medical revolution, like the "stethoscope" of the 21st century. The device has successfully passed its clinical investigation and completed both clinical and technical review to obtain the CE mark of a class II.a. Medical Device by the end of 2024.
TRL: 8-9 | Pre-Serie A | B2B | Next step: Proof of Market | TAM: 50M potential users | SAM: €1.8M users €25M saught - France

REMEDs - AI, Pharmaceutical
Repurpose drugs using AI on healthcare big data. It is a unique AI-powered technology that studies thousands of drugs in-silico, using billions of electronic medical records and health datasets. They use the power of artifical intelligence to identify new cures for diseases with unmet medical needs with a primary focus on autoimmune diseases. It is now a team of 12 including 4 renown senior experts in AI and pharmacoepidemiology, all also succesful serial entrepreneurs. 
TRL: 8 | Serie A | B2B | €3M saught - France

GENOUROB - Motorised Medical devices 
GENOUROB designs, manufactures and commercialises medical devices to support ACL tears diagnosis. More accurate than MRI for detecting ACL partial tears, they can use it in first intention after a knee spain (more than 500 M euros of healtcare economy).
With a presence in more than 60 foreign countries they have got KOL from FC Barça, Ramon Cugat (Barcelona), Pr Seil (Luxembourg), INSEP and Clairefontaine Centers. 
TRL: 9 | Seed | B2B | Customers: 500 | MRR: €100K | Next step: Industrialisation | TAM: €152B | SAM: €5.4B €1.5M saught - France

Smart Immune - Biotech, T-cell Therapy
Smart Immune is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing ProTcell, a thymus-empowered T-cell progenitor therapy platform to fully and rapidly re-arm the immune system, enabling next-generation allogeneic T-cell therapies. The company is a spin-off from the Imagine Institute of Genetic Diseases, and was founded in 2017. 
Smart Immune has clinical partnerships with leading institutions in the US and Europe. The ProTcell platform, already in Phase I/II clinical trials, enables the accelerated recovery of a complete immune repertoire in patients fighting cancer and infection.

Rédigé par Pierre-Alexis Fillon le Wednesday, November 29th 2023
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