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Deeptech Week / EIC – Exclusive pitch session of the best deeptech scale-ups funded by the European Commision

The first global gathering of the Deep Tech Ecosystem is happening in Paris, on March 9-13, 2020 under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron.

Bpifrance / EuroQuity and the European Innovation Council are organizing an exclusive investor day with a pitching session on March 10th from 08:30 am : 01:00 pm at Bpifrance’s headquarters in centre of Paris (6,8 boulevard Haussmann – Le Hub) followed by a networking lunch and one-to-one meetings.

This will be the opportunity to discover the very best 20 European scale-up companies, run by top-class innovators in industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, medtech and other key sectors. They were all funded by the European Commission and are now part of their most exclusive acceleration programme.
All our partners and colleagues investors are cordially invited ( registration here ).

Here is detailed program of the start-ups pitching:

Space - Fintech - Cleantech - Blockchain - Materials

Space / NanoSat
Engineering and in-house production of new generation nanosats, advancing new designs in the fields of space electronics, communication and software engineering. The core product of our company is its unique software-defined satellites. On the service side, it enables easiest space operations at a fraction of the current cost, creating a paradigm shift in space data accessibility.
50X more data per NanoSat at 15x reduction of cost | Capital sought : 7.5M€ - Bulgaria

Fintech / Cash-flow management
We combine data from both bank APIs and business software APIs, applying machine learning algorithms to forecast cash flow. We visualize it and can suggest actions to improve cash flow using bank services and business actions. Our sofware empowers small businesses, showing them how bank services and actions impact their cash flow in the future  | Capital sought : 1.5M€ - Sweden

Our Air Pollution Abatement technology (APA) is the 1st qualified filter-less solution that controls and cleans the ambient air, acting at the surface level. The applications are at the service of industrial and urban sites, workplaces, commercial and residential areas, effective indoors and outdoors against PM, PAH, light hydrocarbons, VOC, Heavy Metals, NOx, SOx, CO, CO2, CH4, O3, pollen, and spores. The Total Costs of Ownership are very low since it just uses water with little maintenance and replacement. 
BAT - Best Available Technology (EU Directive - IPCC 2008/1/CE) and KET - Key Enabling Technology validations, 4 Seals of Excellence and SME Instrument Phase 2 (Horizon2020) awards. | Capital sought : 7.5M€ - Italy

Blockchain / Air sector

We offer a blockchain-based fully decentralised distribution model for the air travel industry. We reinvent air distribution by avoiding overheads and intermediary costs and allowing more efficient operations in a collaborative, neutral, ecosystem shared approach.
Benefits for airlines : regain governance of content distribution, over 40% distribution costs reduction, customized offer, increase cross & up sells. | Capital sought : 7.5M€ - Spain

New materials / Cosmetics / Coatings

We are a science-driven company where inorganic materials are tailored for a sustainable World. We have developed and patented a technology called MicNo® where the properties of the materials are enhanced by controlling the atomic structure in the direction required. This technology combines all the advantages of micron & nano while eliminating the negative elements of both sizes. MicNo® technology can be used in many fields such as Cosmetics and Coatings. | Capital sought : 3.5M€ - Turkey

Artificial intelligence 

AI / Jobs
Our solution supplies candidates with unique career assistance by searching for and also applying for jobs on their behalf. As a result we are going to eliminate the process of looking for a job by people. We are targeting the Recruitment Agency Market worth EUR 500bn (globally) with our SaaS enabled marketpalce addressed to SMEs and Enterprises. | Capital sought : 3.5M€ - Poland

AI / Business
Our mission is clear: Empower every person with Knowledge. Average employees waste more than 5 hours every week either waiting for vital information from their colleagues or working to recreate already existing knowledge. This great loss of time leads to a great loss of productivity which, in turn, translates into losses of millions of euros each year.
Our solutions train employees and offer a virtual assistant to answer any question at work embedded in the platforms where most of the work itself is happening at corporates such as Microsoft TEAMS.
30+ corporates have already saved hours of unproductive working time. | Capital sought : 3.5M€ - Spain

AI / Business

We have developed a cognitive and social platform based on the Data Excellence Science (integration of IT, linguistics, business management and artificial intelligence) to automate data integration, business intelligence, governance and data sharing. The solution maximizes the value of the company’s data and human resources. It facilitates ecosystems’ interactions based on contextual intelligence governed by value, and ensures the increase of revenues (by 20%) and the optimization of costs (by 30%) in a short time (drastic acceleration of access to value – from month to day).
30 major customers in the industrial, financial and public sectors. | Capital sought : 4M€ - Switzerland

AI / Business

We created a digital adoption platform for the effortless adoption of any enterprise software in the company. It helps to understand how the software is used within the company, identifies weak points and automates repetitive tasks while teaching employees how to use the software in a proper way. The platform can provide personalized and predictive step-by-step walkthrough.
The platforme makes employees more productive (+37%) without any additional personal training by applying AI. | Capital sought : 0.7M€ - Slovakia

AI / EdTech
We make text fast and simple, by structuring content to make it readable in a fraction of the time. Be it for studying or to offer better content, we provide reduction of learning time from 30 to over 50%. Our solution allows to find relevant information and let go of redundancies, give order to contents, organize what has to be written. The tool was born from education, is excellent for legal design, and used in insurtech. | Capital sought : 1.5M€ - Italy

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 / 3D sensors
Our novel and groundbreaking technology provides the most accurate 3D vision in the world.
The greatest challenge for the future of automation lies in the sensor technology that can produce real-time and accurate 3D for many applications: machinery, robotics, AGV, assisted or autonomous driving, AR/VR, medical, or facial recognition. We offer a real-time 3D point cloud acquisition solution that transforms industries with its accuracy, affordability and computational efficiency.
Most accurate product with affordable pricepoint, lightweight, small size and having no moving parts. Can measure human heartbeat from the distance of 3 meters. | Capital sought : 3.5M€ - Finland

AI / IoT / Industry 4.0

Already a global leader in the field of on-device edge computing for industrial and consumer markets especially in use cases that need low power devices. Our mixed signal computing chip solves problems of latency and high energy consumption in digital signal transmission, breaking the “memory wall” bottleneck in traditional architectures. The precision of our chips can be adjusted for different application scenarios, such as voice/visual detection and recognition, which is an important technological breakthrough for future passive/battery powered wireless IoT.
Founded in 2018 ; powering more than 100,000 sensors with AI ; 18 employees ; keynote speaker at the World Economic Forum 2020 on AI | Capital sought : 4€ - Switzerland

IT / Industry 4.0
We take inspiration from deeply influential technologies in the software community. We know that market-readiness is one of the weakest point in the current autonomous systems industries and our embedded software is designed to tackle this. Highly awarded, we are a pioneer for software engineering. Our product achieved fast market traction.
Potential cost savings of using our solutions on the following markets : $6.3B in robotics, $10.5B in drones. | Capital sought : 0.8M€ - Switzerland

Industry 4.0 / Predictive maintenance
Predictive maintenance is one of the most demanded application for Industry 4.0. Our predictive maintenance platform, empowered by the most recent technology, helps our customers to avoid undesired stops, reduce maintenance costs and identify process inefficiencies. Our service is based on the installation of high-tech electric sensors on existing industrial machinery.
Currently working in several projects with industrial leaders in Spain and opening our first international projects starting in Germany, Mexico, Colombia and Peru | Capital sought : 0.8M€ - Spain

Assistive robotics / Industry 4.0

We developed an autonomous and self-driven robotic system that follows a specific user or can be programmed to move independently with natural navigation on a pre-planned or self-automated route. We implemented the latest technology on image recognition, machine learning and AI, which allows our robots to track users autonomously, while identifying and avoiding any obstacle along the way. | Capital sought : 1.5M€ - Portugal

Medtech - Biotech

Medtech / Bone trauma
We develop bioactive composite implants addressed to a wide spectrum of bone trauma indications (bone fracture, tendon and ligament rupture). Our biocomposite resorbable implant is made of bioactive ceramic mixed with a synthetic polymer with strong mechanical properties. The astonishing biological properties of our technology not only regenerate the bone, but also offer several additional benefits to the different stakeholders, such as mainly comfort and recovery for the patient and cost efficiency for health systems, outclassing the available solutions on each criterion of value. | Capital sought : 3.5M€ - France

FoodTech / Food safety
We are disrupting the market by introducing a completely new approach for the food analysis process with a portable, rapid, precise mycotoxins detection device. As our product is simpler than laboratories and much more accurate than other market solutions (e.g. rapid strip screening tests), it allows farmers, traders and feed producers as well as any other agricultural market player who needs to ensure the quality of food and feed to test the quality of food and feed immediately on site.
Only 21 minutes to deliver results | Capital sought : 0.65M€ - Ukraine

Biotech / Enzyme discovery

We design, develop, and apply molecular modeling software to accelerate enzyme discovery and design. Our company uses bioinformatics, molecular modeling and quantum mechanics to provide improved enzyme variants in less than one month. Our customers can save time and money and reduce risk in their new enzyme discovery and optimization campaigns. | Capital sought : 1.5M€ - Spain

Medtech / Rehabilitation
We develop exoskeletons for medical rehabilitation They improve net therapy time, due to easy donning and doffing and configuration timing, and show strong clinical evidence of advantages for stroke patients.
Our flagship exoskeleton is the first EU product with CE mark (July 2018) | Capital sought : 1.5M€ - Spain

registration here  

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