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Bring forward your fundraising

After successfully completing your personal profile and your company’s profile you may wish to raise funds. Here is how to perform this operation.

Go to the "Fundraising" tab on your company profile.

You will be able to complete the description for your fundraising.

- Describe your fundraising
- Fill in the start date
- End Date
- Minimum amount per investor
- Describe the aim of this fundraising
- Select the development stage in your proposal
- Complete pre-money valuation
- Enter your intra-community VAT number
- You may also share one or two URL links to a crowdfunding platform
- Decide when you want to publish the fundraising
- Mention the contact details of the person who can co-ordinate with investors should they wish to invest in your company.

You may add exhaustive description of your fundraising by adding the following information:
Market needs:
- The answer you bring to it
- Your Business Model
- Your Competitors 
- Your development strategy
- Your Financial Needs
The trick to make a difference: 
In the Dataroom you can upload in the “investor files” section, your executive summary and any other documents that you think will be relevant for investors.

le Tuesday, August 7th 2018
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