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BlueInvest and EIPP join forces and will be introducing green shipping and ocean clean-up solutions next 15th of July at 3:00 PM CEST

BlueInvest and the European Investment Project Portal (EIPP) are delighted to present the second edition of the BlueInvest e-pitch session, which will be held online on Wed 15 July at 3:00 PM CET. If you are interested but not available, you are welcome to register to have access to the recorded session.

This session features European companies with innovative and sustainable technologies for ports, green shipping and ocean clean-up.

BlueInvest  is an EU initiative to boost innovation and investment in sustainable technologies for the blue economy, by supporting readiness and access to finance for early-stage businesses, SMEs and scale-ups. It is enabled by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.

The European Investment Project Portal  is an EU matchmaking portal, enabling EU-based project promoters – public or private – to reach potential investors worldwide. It is a free service offered by the European Commission and is part of the Investment Plan for Europe, which aims to mobilise investment, boost economic growth and create jobs across the EU.
We hope to see you on Wed 15 July, 3:00 PM CET.
If you have any questions, please contact Cristina Chumacero .

Ocean clean-up
A solution for two huge problems regarding the marine environment: excess of water recovered during Oil Spill Recovery Operations and recovery of micro-plastics. This innovative project is based on a patented device that will be an essential tool to protect the marine environment and to promote the blue economy. This project will address a business opportunity related to the reduction of seaport management costs by reducing drastically the amount of water recovered by the existing oil recovery machinery, improvement of the marine activities and removal of tiny plastic debris that are being eaten by fish and consequently by humans. Recipient of the EC Seal of Excellence. Market classification: Pre-commercial, construction started | Next step: Commercialisation | € 1.7m sought – Spain
Green shipping
Autonomous navigation powered by artificial intelligence considering real time maritime traffic and weather conditions. We have developed an artificial intelligence that combines Copernicus data and maritime traffic conditions to optimise the journey of ships, saving them time and fuel on local and international routes. This solution can be offered to all kinds of fleet operators shipping cargo, including tankers, consumer goods, plus fishing fleets, ferries, and cruise liners and also small maritime operators and sailors. A revolutionary technology selected by the European Space Agency. Market classification: Prototype, pre-commercial | Next step: Commercialisation | € 1.3m sought – Germany

Green shipping
This modular electro-chlorination Ballast Water Management System provides a unique and safe solution giving greater flexibility on installation, overall reduced costs and energy consumption. A combination of two methods of treatment is used, giving optimum results in a marine environment. Both Solutions meet current and future legislation in our changing world. The first by using a low energy frequency Sea Water Conditioning Unit on the main ballast water fill line eliminating the need for filtration. The second through the production of concentrated sodium hypochlorite from seawater using a high capacity electro-activation cell.
Market classification: Mature, ready for commercialisation | Next step: Commercialisation | € 7.5m sought – Cyprus 
Green construction for marine environments
High-performance building material that will be one of the first of the Carbo-Negative materials capable of replacing cement, concrete, steel, wood and aluminium. Its carbon footprint is 90% smaller than cement, steel, aluminum and many other materials in virtually all forms of building and infrastructure projects. Manufacturing for this versatile, revolutionary material is CO2-free. Material is corrosion-free and will cut installation times by a factor of 2 or more. Applications include granite that bends, railway sleepers that outlast testing equipment, marine vessels that won’t rust, roofs, domes, dams, bridges and ports with biblical longevity.
Market classification: Prototype, pre-commercial | Next step: Commercialisation | € 7-15m sought – France
Ocean waste management
Plastic Cleanup System designed to be easily replicated to be suitable for scalability. The package currently includes an Impact Picture the helps the contributor envision the impact that is created via the ocean-bound plastic waste collection where most of his/her purchase is channeled. The contributor receives a Process Picture for envisioning the process how plastic is collected and recycled to have a better overview of the actual collection activity.
Market classification: Pre-commercial | Next step: Commercialisation | € 0.25m sought – Hungary
River clean-up
The most effective and affordable River Plastic Interception technology. 100% Collection effectiveness, 20% ROI.
Market classification: Commercial | Between EUR 0.5m-3m sought – UK

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