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BlueInvest and EIPP join forces and will be introducing blue renewable energy production solutions next 16th of December at 4:00 PM CET

Five European companies will be showcasing their blue renewable energy production solutions.

BlueInvest and the European Investment Project Portal (EIPP) are delighted to present the 4th edition of the BlueInvest e-pitch session, which will be held online on Wed 16 December at 4:00 PM CET. If you are interested but not available, you are welcome to register to access the recorded session.

This session features European companies with innovative and sustainable technologies for renewable energy production.

BlueInvest is an EU initiative to boost innovation and investment in sustainable technologies for the blue economy by supporting readiness and access to finance for early-stage businesses, SMEs and scale-ups. It is enabled by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.

The European Investment Project Portal   is an EU matchmaking portal, enabling EU-based project promoters – public or private – to reach potential investors worldwide. It is a free service offered by the European Commission and is part of the Investment Plan for Europe, aiming mobilise investment, boost economic growth, and create jobs across the EU.
We hope to see you on Wed 16 December, 4:00 PM CET.

Marine Performance System
MarineTech / Fluidic Air Lubrication / Cleaner Shipping

Our patented solution, FluidicAL, enables the transition to Green Shipping - Ecologic and business logic. Our advanced Fluidic Air Lubrication solution, FluidicAL, enables Shipowners to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and fuel costs by 8-12% with a 2-3 years’ payback period as a retrofit solution or part of new ship designs.
First installation successful, results confirm the savings potential of 8-12%. Received Solar Impulse Label. won 1st prize in EU BlueEconomy, Van Oord Offshore Innovation Challenge, and a finalist in Seatrade Maritime Asia Award. | TRL 9 | TAM: 21.6B EUR retrofit | Next step: Build a pipeline and scale up operations | 4.5M EUR sought - The Netherlands

X1 Wind
Renewable Energy Production / Industry for SMEs & Mid-Caps

Our company is developing an innovative floating wind concept to make a step-change in the offshore wind sector by providing a reliable, low-cost solution that can be installed at sea in deep waters. Our solution, conceived by one of its founders at MIT, combines the advantages of different offshore technologies into a smarter integrated design, reducing dramatically the amount of steel required while allowing a simple installation and maintenance. The concept has been proven at a small-scale and we are now fabricating a prototype to be installed in the Canary Islands in Dec 2020. Received a number of prizes and recognition as one of the most startups in the cleantech sector with more potential from institutions like Innoenergy, H2020, or Singularity University; Received LOI and signed collaboration agreements with the first potential clients willing to see our technology proven and ready to be launched to the market. | € 1.5M sought – Spain
Renewable Energy Production / New Technologies and Transport Greening
We solve the problem of providing clean energy with portability by delivering a fuel cell generator solution. We develop products that meet the ever-growing need for reliable hydrogen fuel cell systems. The company’s initial product offering will consist of a hydrogen fuel cell electric generator UP400 with replaceable and refillable hydrogen tanks. Our aim is to bring technology that is currently used in space machinery to conventional consumers. Customers include the maritime, automotive, and military industries. Obtained grants and awards such as Horizon SME Instrument Phase 1, Enterprise Estonia grants, Climate-KIC, etc. Partnerships with industrial gas companies as well as other companies producing hydrogen gas on a smaller scale. € 1M sought – Estonia

Renewable Energy Production / Industry for SMEs & Mid-Cap

Seawind Ocean Technology is a technology development company and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), producing the next generation of floating, fully integrated wind turbines. We are active in France, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, and the UK where we have started marketing our two prototypes, Seawind 6 (6,2 MW) and Seawind 12 (12.2MW). Both are two-bladed wind turbines with a teetering hinge on a semi-submersible concrete floating foundation. We provide a fully integrated floating wind turbine system installed at sea. Our technology is certified by the reputable accreditation society DNV GL (type D certification). As an innovative disruptor in the wind industry, Seawind’s prototype design principles make the wind turbine much simpler with significantly fewer parts, therefore less weight, reduced propensity to mechanical failures and frequency of maintenance visits. All the above reduce OpEx and CapEx, bring down the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and extend system lifetime. We are leading a Horizon 2020 Green Deal EU research grant application dedicated to floating wind turbines with distinguished project partners. Received the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” label, is member of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance and the Offshore Coalition; deals with parts manufactures including ABB and Airbus for the wind turbine are concluded. € 23 M sought – The Netherlands

Renewable Energy Production / Resource Efficiency and Environmental Protection / Blue Economy

The Ocean Retriever ship is a specialised factory ship that tours every port to each Canary Island, collecting large bales of unrecyclable plastics, to process into clean hydrogen for island mobility. The marine factory vessel Ocean Retriever will collect free of charge, and process all unrecyclable plastics collected port-side in large bales, plastics, worn tires, and other toxic waste (RDF), then immediately processing the waste into hydrogen(H2) while in port and while travelling to its next port of call. Each port will accumulate this plastic in large bales and worn tires port-side until the pre-arranged collection scheduled date. The green low-cost hydrogen for sale to each island. Received Horizon 2020 "Seal of Excellence" certificate | 30 M€ sought – Romania/UK

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