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BlueInvest and DMEC (Dutch Marine Energy Centre) join forces to introduce marine energy solutions next 10th of February at 4:00 PM CET

BlueInvest and DMEC scouted five European companies that will be showcasing their innovative marine energy solutions able to generate clean energy at our rivers, seas and oceans.

BlueInvest and DMEC are delighted to present the 5th edition of the BlueInvest e-pitch session, which will be held online on Wed 10 February at 4:00 PM CET. 

This session features European companies with innovative solutions to generate renewable energy at our rivers, seas and oceans. The companies represent a variety of solutions to harvest clean marine energy (wave and tidal energy) and offshore energy (floating solar and wind).

BlueInvest is an EU initiative to boost innovation and investment in sustainable technologies for the blue economy by supporting readiness and access to finance for early-stage businesses, SMEs and scale-ups. It is enabled by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. DMEC is an accelerator for marine energy solutions. By advancing innovation, mobilising capital and shaping policies, DMEC creates multipurpose energy solutions for a wide variety of markets and collaborate with clients in various market segments to identify, explore and realise tailored solutions using innovative marine energy technologies. 
We hope to see you  on Wed 10 February at 4:00 PM CET. 

Floating Power Plant A/S - Renewable Energy / Wind Energy
FPP have developed the world’s only offshore proven hybrid wind and wave energy hybrid. The company has developed and optimised the technology and now plans to demonstrate its suitability for commercial applications in both large scale offshore wind farms and power to X applications. This will be achieved through the deployment of a commercial demonstrator unit in Spain, which will validate both the technology and the commercial delivery model. | TRL: 6 | Next step: Equity investments in FPP for global growth | Sustainable impact on Blue Economy: clean energy with reduced intermittency through the exploitation of multiple resources | € 1-3m sought – Denmark

Oceans of Energy - Renewable Energy / Marine Technology
Oceans of Energy develops a floating PV solar system suitable for true offshore conditions with waves up to 13 meters. Solar energy generation requires a lot of space. With our system we use the space at sea - for instance space between wind turbines. Our 50kW pilot system has been operational at the North Sea for 15 months and has survived several storms (Ciara, Dennis and Bella). Our next step is a 1MW system at the North Sea and several pre-commercial projects in the Mediterranean. | TRL: 7 | Next step: Develop utility scale projects on (pre-)commercial basis and scale production  | Sustainable impact on Blue Economy: Increasing PV electricity generation capacity globally | € 2-3m sought – The Netherlands

Seabased - Clean Energy
Seabased’s turnkey wave energy parks can deliver the immense power of ocean waves directly to the grid, 24 hours a day, all year long. With a pipeline of over 200 MW, our go-to-market product is cost competitive and designed to scale. The parks can operate alone or serve as companions to renewables like offshore wind to provide stable power to the grid with no CO2 emissions. Our scientists and engineers have amassed more than 300 patents and 20 PhD theses while developing and ocean testing full-scale generators in the seas of four countries, including two multi-generator grid-connected demonstration wave power parks. Seabased wave power parks are virtually invisible and require little maintenance. The parks are gentle on the ocean environment and can act as artificial reefs, providing both habitat and breeding grounds for desired species. We are in the final stages of testing and certification and are planning to install our first fully commercial pilot and ramp up industrial production in 2022. | TRL: 7 | Next step:  Utility scale, cost-competitive wave power parks | Sustainable impact on Blue Economy: provide renewable energy without emitting CO2 | € 1-3m sought – Ireland

SeaQurrent – Renewable Energy / Marine Technology
Tidal flows offer truly reliable energy, available every day in all seasons. SeaQurrent was founded to make electricity generation from low velocity tidal currents economically attractive. To achieve this, SeaQurrent develops an innovative system, using an underwater kite, the TidalKite Power Plant. Key USP's: High energy yield 3.1 times than current tidal technologies; Low cost near shore, small vessels, easier O&M; Minimal impact on sea life, seabed and no horizon pollution; Widest deployment potential adaptable to all types of sites; First mover advantage in low-velocity-shallow-water market segment. | TRL: 6 | Next step: Making the TidalKite technology market ready | Sustainable impact on Blue Economy: Accelerate the uptake and deployment of tidal energy, increasing renewable energy production from coastal waters. | € 1-3m sought – The Netherlands

SeaTwirl AB - Renewable Energy / Wind energy
SeaTwirl is a company and a product born at sea, traded on the Nasdaq First North since 2016. Our vision is to become a global leader within the floating offshore wind energy sector and we are currently developing a vertical axis 1MW floating wind turbine, called S2, to be installed at a test site in Norway. Since 2015 we have a proof of concept in the sea offshore Sweden, the 30 kW grid connected S1. We believe that by designing the complete turbine system, including floater, dedicated for offshore conditions from the start, we have a leading edge. | TRL: 7 | Next step: S2 will provide clean energy at competitive price | Sustainable impact on Blue Economy: replace diesel generators with renewable energy leading to significant reduction of GHG emissions | € 3-15m sought – Sweden
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