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Are you an angel investor interested in learning about the Italian business angel scene?

On 4-5 March 2019, you could have the chance to travel to beautiful Milan to learn about the investment opportunities there.

Why should you attend this event?

Italian experts will discuss co-investment and crowdfunding and there will be a section dedicated to building regional and women-only business angel networks. You'll also hear pitches from three Italian companies, so you might even discover a new investment opportunity. Interested? Hear what Paolo Anselmo, president of the Italian Business Angels Network and #ESILangel for Italy, has to say about it, take a look at the programme and sign up here today.
You can address any queries about to IBAN -

ESIL Project

This Study Visit is being organised as an initiative of the ESIL project (Early Stage Investment Launchpad) which is an EU-funded project that connects networks of business angels and crowdfunders across Europe. With a focus on developing and expanding the angel investment and crowdfunding scene in Europe, and on increasing cross-border investment between European countries, ESIL is connecting the leading investors across Europe.

You can join ESIL by checking out our website and getting in touch with your #ESILangel Local Leader.

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