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Register to the next European Startup Festival in Malmö in September
In 2017 Adriano Travaglia, a lawyer and entrepreneur, and Christine Michaelis, Marketing and Creative Start-Up Coach, saw that there is something missing in the European Startup Ecosystem. An organisation that is working on a European level from the bottom up – not just on an institutional level, including all the relevant stakeholders such as start-ups, investors, public agencies, cities, accelerators, incubators, event organisers etc.
They have founded the European Startup Asssociation and now create a borderless, collaborative European Startup Ecosystem. They celebrate the community with their annual European Startup Festival. To capture the different audiences and stakeholders, the festival is moving around countries across Europe – and so is Christine. This way they get to know the start-up ecosystem in each country much quicker and better and build lasting relationships.
The first European Startup Festival in Turin was a big success. This year’s 2-day festival is using a similar programme structure but also adding new thing on. They will have interactive panels on topics like innovation, well-being, marketing and communication, team building, sustainability and funding. In addition to that participants can go to as many masterclasses as they like on specialised topics, run by the expert speakers.

The festival is hosted by a British comedian, has a magician and rapper to ensure that it is not only valuable networking and knowledge transfer but also a lot of fun. An evening reception in the old city hall as well as a party and a walking tour through Malmö ensure further networking opportunities for companies, investors, startups and all other participants.
Leading up to the European Startup Festival, they also have 6 Pitching Matches across Europe where start-ups meet investors. These are not public events and can only be participated in by applying as a pitching start-up or judge.
The main European Startup Festival is happening in Malmö, Sweden, this year on the 20th and 21st September. Easy flights to Copenhagen will get you there in no time!

Tickets are only 140 Euros including all the panels, masterclasses and the evening reception. Join to expand your network on a European level, learn new things, inspiration and have a lot of fun!

You can get your tickets here.
Register to the next ESIL e-pitch session featuring Medtech startups, on June 25th at 5:00 PM CEST
Our next ESIL pitch session will be held online on June 25th, from 5 to 6 PM CEST.
Eight companies will be presented. All these Serie A deeptech companies are part of the European Invest Horizon 2020 acceleration program, and are looking for funds to continue their growth.
Here is the program :

3D Imaging Software for Bone Diagnosis
A medical imaging software development company in four key medical fields: arrhythmias, aneurysm, epilepsy and osteoporosis. They offer the medical technology industry fast and low-cost pathways for the creation of innovative and advanced solutions. They also provide an effective means of bringing these solutions to a growing global market. They achieve this by means of an in-house software development platform for the rapid prototyping of medical imaging applications.
Sales launch in 2018: 6 unites/ € 60K, pipeline > € 300K, CE Mark | € 1.8 M sought

Treatment of Localized Adiposity
The company has developed a technology that radically eliminates localized body fat excess (adiposity) and provides results never achieved until now: up to 5 cm. waistline reduction after one 20-minutes session. The company has developed a non-invasive medical device that also uses digital management of ultrasound, shape recognition based on based on IA, augmented reality guidance of the physician. This medical device is being CE marked and should reach the market this year.
The CE marking is in process (electrical tests validated, and technical file being audited). It will be followed by a short test phase in Paris before the beginning of the distribution | 5 M€ sought

Digital Health – Data Brooker
The company collects and processes pharmacies commercial data to build up a panel. It’s a data broker as SAAS provider for pharmacies, pharmacy chains, pharmaceutical labs. The data is accessed for their customers through APIs & self-service apps. They only collect commercial data, excluding any « personal » data. Data are extracted hourly from the pharmacy ERP and are only extracted through an explicit agreement and contract with the pharmacy owner. In these General Conditions, the pharmacy owner concedes the right to collect, process and commercialize the data.
They have already deployed the solution on 5,000 point of sales with a steady growth of the panel. | €2.5 M sought

Biotech – Neurodegenerative
A biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing first in class molecules that address important medical needs in the field of neurodegenerative diseases and in the area of deafness.
All data generated from in vitro test methods enable to demonstrate the positive impact of the company on: Induction of neuronal differentiation of murine and human progenitor cells; Protection against toxicity-induced by glutamate and oxidative stress; Stimulation of connections between spiral neuronal ganglion cells and ciliated cells, which are responsible for hearing
Efficacity results from in vivo test methods support that they represent a new class of molecules effective for the purpose of treating patients with neuropathy/synaptopathy linked to hearing loss. | €8 M sought

Medical Device – Surgical Instrument for Gynecology
The company aims at serving the gynecology market with a new generation of pain-free single use surgical instrument, to replace the current middle-age painful cervical forceps affecting more than 75 million women every year in routine interventions requiring access to the uterine cavity. The company innovates women's care with new surgical instrument for gentler and more modern gynecological procedures.
12 reference letters from Medical Doctors | €3.5 M sought

Medical Device - Virtual Reality Solution
A company specialized in innovative medical devices. They offer healthcare facilities a therapeutic virtual reality solution aimed to alleviate the pain and anxiety of their hospitalized patients. Thanks to a virtual reality headset and a headphone, a patient is transported according to his preferences in rich and lively natural 3D environments like a forest or a mountain. Developed in collaboration with doctors, their virtual experiments are optimized for relaxation and pain distraction through advanced psychological principles such as hypnosis, music therapy or cardiac coherence induction.
They will reach > € 1M orders in 2019 | €2.5 M sought

Neurosurgical Platform - Glioblastoma
The company is developing a neurosurgical platform, built around a microrobot to deliver drugs in the brain for targeted therapies. The company as a first application is targeting glioblastoma, a deadly malignant and infiltrative brain cancer with limited survival time (12-16 months).
The technology is currently developed and tested inside hydrogel-based brain models and will be tested on preclinical tests starting in 2020 | €3.5 M sought

The company seeks, develops and qualifies innovative biomarkers for the development of diagnostics in the field of neurological diseases. The purpose of the company is to translate new diagnosis methods for various neurodegenerative diseases into products, and to promote the use of these tests in clinical practice. Their know-how is based on the detection of blood biomarkers.
Currently their biomarker R&D program is dedicated to the clinical qualification of new biomarkers and diagnostic tools for the diagnosis and the follow-up of the Alzheimer’s disease | €2.5 M sought

The next Belgian e-pitch session will take place on Tuesday 18 June at 5 pm - Register here 

These sessions allow selected companies seeking capital to present their development / growth project. As usual, each manager will have a maximum of 8 minutes to convince you to follow him/her. You will be able to submit your questions online after each pitch.

Here is the selection : 
Cleantech - "Smart City through Smart Lighting"
Technology is based on deploying intercommunicating sensors along the streets to adapt, in real-time, street lighting levels to traffic density and type of users: "Light where and when needed". The energy savings are maximal and can reach up to 80%. The solution is also a good entry point for mobility management, a pillar of Smart Cities, opening the way to many applications by feeding information's, in a secure way, to traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, traffic and warning signs.  The infrastructure equipped with additional sensors can transport additional public space information like noise level, air quality, parking occupancy, ...
Partners: Cities and public operators. Deployment on more than 50 sites | Amount sought: €3.0m

Company develops and markets evidence-based Digital Sedation technology to relieve pain and anxiety without medication in acute care patients.  It realizes these digital therapeutics by combining clinically-proven hypnosis with virtual reality into medical software. The company licenses its digital sedation software based on recurring revenue model, running in a device tuned for use in clinical setting. Over 10,000 patients treated plus 16 clinical studies (>1,600 patients) completed or ongoing, evidencing strong results. Current funding round aiming at international expansion and acceleration continuous R&D innovation.
10,000+ patients, 100+ healthcare centers, 0.4M€ invoiced - 2.8M€ raised to date | 10 M€ sought (staged) 

Smart Cities
Company developed an innovative e-commerce marketplace platform and administration mobile apps. The platform creates personalized websites / webshops for local shops and smart cities while the mobile apps allows our customers to manage their shops / events (for cities admin) or products / orders (for shops admin).
App adopted by +15 cities and +10,000 local shops | 2 M€ sought : international growth

Digital / Helping SMEs in their digital transformation
New generation digital and secure market network. The model is based on a revaluation of human resources services based on an essential element: the adoption of good practices. By overlaying and with the support of a major Belgian bank, the company recreates its "phygital" ecosystem around the self-employed, thus building the bridges essential to its development, for example: accountants, bankers, social secretariats, professional confederations. Creation of a unique and even monopolistic One-stop-shop at the Belgian level; this model only needs to be duplicated internationally. 
The partners: Belfius Bank, Partena, SD Workx. Several orders in progress. CES las Vegas 2019 | amount requested: : : 1 M€, already secured : 0,7 M€
Digital marketing 
The "TripAdvisor" of B2B professional service providers. Digital e-reputation platform to put the customer back in the spotlight. Enable companies to make better purchasing decisions and suppliers to win and retain customers.  Authentication of notifications via a LinkedIn profile to ensure the quality and objectivity of notifications.
Presence in 7 European countries in the next 12 months. Acceleration by the purchasing consulting firm Bridgewater. Project supported by Finance.Brussels | Amount sought: €0.6m

Media / MusicTech
Mobile platform that removes barriers between artists and their fans. It allows everyone - regardless of age or musical level - to produce high quality remixes in minutes. Catalogue of 40+ international artists including Roméo Elvis (Be), Le Motel (Be), 20Syl (Hocus Pocus, Fr), Klever (Yelawolf, US), ...
Played by A$AP Rocky in his 2019 tour (US/Asia/US). Used in Adidas' marketing campaigns. More than 1m of downloads worldwide. | Amount requested: €0.8m
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