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Webinar June 27th : Sustainability and valuations
Webinar June 28th : How to build a successful stakeholder platform

Attend 2 BuildInterest Webinars : June 27th & 28th !
The BUILDINTEREST project is  organising a series of webinars dedicated to sustainable building and energy efficiency. This will be an unique opportunity to learn from the real experiences of the project in engaging stakeholders on different levels in successful collaborative action. It will also provide insight on specifics of the valuation of energy efficiency measures in buildings and its importance and consequent economic advantages.

The BUILDINTEREST project and its partners will:
  1. Present and discuss the importance of value we give to sustainability in real estate and will deep dive into the relationship between sustainability and market value
  2. Share together some advice on how best to build a successful stakeholder platform and how this instrument can help with facilitating investments in energy efficiency measures in buildings
Join us free on:
27 June 2018, 11:00 - 12:00 CET
Sustainability indicators are important to real estate investors. However, sustainability encompasses a wide range of physical, social, environmental and economic factors that can impact on value and of which valuers should be aware.
This webinar jointly lead by Dynamis Taxaties Netherlands will focus on the increasing role of sustainability in the real estate sector.
This webinar will be lead in English!


The next European startup online pitch will be held on July 4th, from 5 to 6 PM CET

European Investment Portal Project ePitch !
Dear all,
The next European startup online pitch will be held on July 4th, from 5 to 6 PM CET (register)
It will be the first event resulting of the partnership between the two complementary European investment networks : the EIPP and EuroQuity !
Companies were selected in collaboration by EuroQuity and EIPP teams.
This will be the opportunity to discover from your office high-potential profiles presented on both platforms.
Here is the program:
Healthcare / Diagnostics
A faster solution to monitor, control and contain diseases worldwide.
We aim to provide fast, affordable and in-situ blood test analysis to empower people with instant information about their well-being and health conditions.
Partnership w/ Birmingham BioHub and top Portuguese Hospitals | Microsoft Imagine Cup Winner | EU Top50 | H2020 Seal of Excellence | 2M€ sought
Resources / Environment / Agrotech
Recovered organic phosphorus made from food grade animal bones with advanced 3R zero emission carbon refinery technology.
Aim: implementation of a full industrial processing plant with 20,800 t/y throughput capacity with targeted sales €15M by 2020 (International replication market uptake franchise model). ROI <3years.
EU Commission Seal of Excellence | Already 50 customers | 10M€ sought.
Sugar reduction is the biggest challenge for the food industry today.
Sugar re-invented, a  technology-based modification of sugar resulting in a similar structural and organoleptic characteristic as sucrose, 1.4 times sweeter, and the most cost competitive alternative to all existing sugar-reduction solutions currently available on the market.
2 patents filed | EU funded project | Winner Seeds & Chips 2018 (Future Food) | 7M€ existing T/O | 5M€ sought
Biotech / Cleantech / Agrotech
Biotech based company exclusively focused on the production and valorisation of microalgae.
Leveraging on more than 4 decades of experience with microalgae, our mission is to develop and commercialize high quality novel products derived from microalgae –agriculture, nutritional, cosmetics and pharma, among others-.
Hundreds of customers | R&D Projects that sum over €60m investment | 3-6M€ sought

Healthcare / Medtech
Non-Invasive and continuous blood glucose measurement device
Based on more than 15y. of R&D by universities, the virtual intelligence based device was developed according standards.
Clinical trial finished. Patent granted. Now in further development process according to telemedicine requirements.
Prototypes available | 6ME sought

Foodtech / AI
Bidirectional B2B Marketplace for Fresh Produce Industry that is bringing the revolution of digital transactions on this sector.
Thanks to AI, algorithms and bots, we connect companies with complementary needs.
Streamlining the trading process, avoiding intermediaries and saving time, resources and money for these companies. Logistics and negotiations are integrated.
Our long-term vision, is to become the Stock Market of Fresh Produce Industry.
+ 3000 users | € 1 M sought

Cleantech / Renewable Energy
We provide sustainable energy with an unique and innovative technology to capture the energy from the waves of the sea. Breakthrough technology developed to a point where a well performing autonomic plug and play model can be demonstrated and brought to the market to accelerate the energy transition.
Award-winning startup | Partial funding secured (>90%) | 250k€ sought

Medtech / Healthcare
We help people live better lives and our new implantable corneal device aims to improve drastically  the detrimental and invalidating pathological corneal shape deformations (PCSD). The product will be manufactured in a totally new concept  of centralized and automated manufacturing facility.
Already 10+ Top-level Ophthalmologists in the network for clinical trials | Holder of 3 Seal of Excellence|10M€ sought

> Register here
See you soon online!
This online pitch session is based on a web conferencing system. No installation is needed on your side.
> Companies will each have 5 minutes to pitch, and investors may ask questions via a chat window throughout the session.
> You will be able to see the company profiles and their presentation documents on the EuroQuity platform after the event.

26th June

Seal of Excellence awarded companies pitching!
Dear all,
We made a selection of 10 companies among the best European Seal of Excellence companies, all looking for funding from 850 k€ to 10 M€.

You can see them speak online 5 minutes each next Tuesday June 26th at 5 pm CET (register ).
All Seal of Excellence companies were certified by the European Commission thanks to their high potential innovation business plan that passed the threshold of selection of SME Instrument call

Here is the program. You are most welcome to join us!
If your schedule is too busy, you will still be able to watch the recorded session by registering.
IT / Automotive / Smart Building 
We make any surface (rigid, curved, flexible) and any material sensitive to touch and force. The company delivers sensor modules disrupting touch interfaces in the smartphone, automotive and smart-building industries.
Partner with a TOP 3 global smartphone manufacturer - Winner of the Valeo Automated Car Challenge – Finalist of the 2018 European Venture Contest - Winner of the Vinci Airport Innovation Challenge – Winner of the Frost & Sullivan Innovation Award | 2.5M€ sought – France

BioTech / FoodTech 
Portable device for the detection of contaminants in food in the field, outside the lab settings. Out of the lab testing is the future of food-safey, much like how pregnancy tests and sugar levels for diabetes tests left the lab and can be conducted faster, cheaper and more frequently.
SDGS award in Geneva, 1st innovative company in Guangzho. NDAs and LOIs signed by leading food manufacturers (Ferrero, UCC, Lavazza, illy, Pepsico) | 2.5 M€ sought - Israël

Automotive & Industrial IoT / Cyber Security 

Cloud based SW tool for device manufacturers to automate cyber security, supervision and updating of connected devices with unprecedented flexibility and integration to business process and IoT platforms. Essential part of digitalization, bringing huge savings and enabling new business.
Already tens of customers, 8 granted patent families, success in international competitions | 2M€ sought - Finland

Microbiome / Life Sciences / IT 
AI-augmented knowledge discovery platform. We use machine learning to transform data to actionable insights that drive scientific decision making.
The insight gained from the platform enables quick assessment of product potential, accelerates market entry and mitigates risk.
Already 8 customers | €5M sought - UK

IT / Applications

Drag & drop toolbox, with a comprehensive range of components and integrations, to create your application faster and cheaper than ever. Publish immediately across all devices and operating systems using our
Progressive Web App Platform.
Scottish EDGE awarded, over 1500 customers | 1€M sought - Scotland

Manufactures and commercializes a device that utilizes one step/one button method to process multi-units of whole blood, umbilical cord blood and bone marrow simultaneously in different stations on the device. Use therapies and separate blood components for blood transfusion and regenerative medicine.
Already on the market | 2M€ sought - Turkey 

IT / Augmented Reality / Software platform 
On premise AR platform for B2B applications in the area of logistics, production, maintenance & service business processes.
State-of-the-art platform aimed at providing companies blue collars a deskless, hand free support in performing daily tasks.
3 off the shelf solutions already available for productive deployment running on the most common smart glasses. Potentially infinite effective use cases within different industries.
Already 10 customers for Proof of Concept | 2M€ sought - Italy

IT / 3D sensor
The first 3D Ultrasound Sensor Vision that uses sound to support robust, low-cost and precise 3D vision for emerging technologies, such as autonomous driving & robotics. We use echolocation to generate robust, real-time 3D point clouds to guide autonomous systems across a variety of applications.
Major German OEMs and Tier 1s as customers | 10M€ sought - Germany

3D Printing
3D printing ecosystem developing 21st century skill set used in play & learn experience for designing, prototyping, building and programming 3D-printable smart toys. We sell hardware and software via distributors and we're launching direct sales channel.
Kairos K50 award and EU Top 50 Startups at 9th European Innovation Summit | 0.85M€ sought - Poland

IT / Analytics 
Video analytic and entertainment solutions for professional sports based on patented technology. We provide a logical continuity of the existing video referee, replay systems, entertainment and video analytic solution, for numerous sports and multifunctional arenas.
Already used by federations and leagues in Europe and Asia (Hockey, Basketball, Handball etc.) | 2M€ sought - Latvia

E-pitch is an online pitch session based on a web conferencing system. No installation is needed on your side.
> Companies will each have 5 minutes to pitch, and investors may ask questions via a chat window throughout the pitch.
> You will be able to see the company profiles and their presentation documents on the EuroQuity platform after the event.

To get the web conference link, register now on :
We’ll gladly explain you the details if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us !
Best Regards,
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