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On June 8th in Paris, Axis Innovation  will bring together all the elements of the international tech ecosystem to explore the hottest industry topics, hear from the most disruptive European startups, build strategic partnerships, and debate the most crucial fundraising challenges in Europe.

What Google has to say about transformative technology:

Our panelist, Yuval Dvir, of Google Ventures says, “Transformation, is almost about implementing buzz words, following trends, and learning. Google is as keen to help innovation as it is to learn and share”. See the full interview here.

Join 200 attendees and meet leading investors from:

Benhamou Global Ventures • Naspers Ventures • Davidson Capital • Western Digital Capital (SanDisk Ventures) • Creathor • Axa • Strategic Ventures • European Investment Fund • Start Capital • Google Ventures • Zamro • Mobility Ventures • H-Farm • Orange Growth Capital... and many more  !

Enhance your business and get a chance to:

Bpifrance and Axis Innovation (Tel-Aviv) organize a digital conference dedicated to cybersecurity on Thursday May 4th at 10 am.

Webinar on cybersecurity / France-Israel - Thursday May 4th 2017
Experts from both countries will present the trends and perspectives on this sector (register
  • For Israel, Schlomi Marco: renowned consultant and software ingineer - has worked at ISA (Israel Security Agency)
  • For France, Christophe Jolivet: CEO of Prosica (security consultants) - 20+ years experience in cybersecurity (military, telecom...)
Managers of the most innovative companies in the sector will come afterwards: 3 Israeli and 3 French. They will present you their activities, technologies and the type of partners and investors they are looking for. You will be able to ask written questions.
Register here !

Bpifrance and SMRJ, the Japanese SME development agency, announce the opening of a EuroQuity community connecting French and Japanese growth companies

Are you looking for a partner in Japan? Find it on EuroQuity
Bpifrance and SMRJ (Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation), the Japanese SME development agency, are opening Bpifrance's EuroQuity networking platform to members of the J-GoodTech digital service, which brings together 4,000 Japanese growth companies. This partnership aims to increase the visibility of and interactions (business collaboration, product development, business partnerships, etc.) between French and Japanese companies. 62 Japanese companies have already joined EuroQuity and 500 more companies are expected to do so in the coming weeks.
This development follows the 6 December 2016 signature by Pascal Lagarde, Executive Director of Bpifrance in charge of International Affairs, Strategy, Studies and Development, and Shinichi Murai, Director General of SMRJ, of a cooperation agreement during the France-Japan Innovation Forum in Osaka.
Pascal Lagarde considers it makes a significant contribution to the development of Bpifrance's support services by putting French companies in contact with other internationally based growth companies: "it is a tremendous advantage for our companies to be put in contact with the top Japanese companies selected by our Japanese colleagues."
The EuroQuity networking platform is a free service operated by Bpifrance, the aim of which is to draw attention to the companies and connect investors and development partners, in particular investors. In 2016, EuroQuity had 2,750 companies, 650 investors, and 450 support structures in its portfolio. 6,000 users regularly connected to the platform to make connections through the more than 10,000 messages exchanged. 23% of the platform’s users come from countries other than France.
Shinichi Murai, Director General of SMRJ says: "« Currently, we are aggressively promoting business matching between Japan's SMEs and companies worldwide. Through the release of J-GoodTech community within EuroQuity, we will expedite partnerships between our SMEs and companies across Europe and more. We will continue to support new market expansion for Japan's SMEs and further invigoration of European companies.  ».

Discover the Japenese compagnies in the 
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