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You are an international-oriented innovative SME and you have the opportunity to co-develop a new product, service or process with a foreign partner ?
Dare Eurostars and try your luck to access to a non-dilutive financing in order to invest in your R&D !

For more information, we invite you to join the Eurostars webinar on December, 2nd from 11 :00 am to noon.

Bpifrance as national coordinator of PCN SME and Eurostars programs is organzing a webinar for information purposes on Eurostars program Friday 2nd December from 11 am to 12 am !

Eurostars program is an initiative initiated by EurekaNetwork and is benefiting from the EU Commission support. It is targeting innovative and internationally oriented SMEs looking for developing new collaborative offers with international partners (34 partner countries in or outside Europe).
The webinar will present the program outlines:
  • What is Eurostars?
  • Why taking part in a Eurostars’ project?
  • How a Eurostars’ project is processing?
  • What are Eurostar’s eligibility criteria?
  • What are Eurostar’s key performance indicators and assessment criteria?
Amandine Karoui - Project Leader Eurostars and PCN SME Horizon 2020 Member (Bpifrance)
Laurence Faigenbaume - PCN SME Horizon 2020 Member (Bpifrance)
From 11:20, we are pleased to welcome Mr Ruiz - Adacore who will share with us his experience.
Mr Ruiz speech and testimony will be followed by a 30 minutes Q&A session.

To participate in this webinar, register on:


Please note: registration for the webinar on the Horizon 2020 MFI instrument is free, but mandatory and limited to 100 people. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing information about how to access the webinar.

le Mardi 15 Novembre 2016

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