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La dernière session E-pitch d'ESIL aura lieu le Mercredi 18 Decembre à 17h00 CET

La prochaine session e-pitch ESIL aura lieu le Mercredi 18 Decembre à 17h00 CET. 

Ces sessions permettent aux sociétés sélectionnées en recherche de fonds de présenter leur projet de développement / croissance. Chaque dirigeant aura comme d'habitude 6 minutes maximum pour vous convaincre de le suivre, à l'issue de ces minutes, vous pourrez lui soumettre vos questions en ligne. Si vous souhaitez y assister, vous pouvez vous inscrire dès maintenant via ce 

MedTech/Robotics/Smart Mobility
Revolutionary robotic verticalization mobility system for people with disabilities. We introduce advanced design, mechanical, electronics, AI, IoT and software solutions in the field of Medtech and Medical device industry. 
Received a certificate (Seal of Excellence) delivered by the European commission as the institution managing Horizon 2020, Winner at CESA awards for Best Social Impact Startap Regional and Bulgarian Finale. Annual award for social innovation EFSE Bulgaria (Eight European Forum on Social Entrepreneurship) | 1 M€ sought – Bulgaria

Fintech / Emerging markets / Point of Sale Lending  
Point of sale lending in emerging markets, using alternative data and AI to create credit scores. We connect customers directly with merchants leveraging revenue sharing agreements (same business model as Affirm).
Ex-Affirm CCO has joined as an advisor - Over $1.3M lent, over 250k Users onboarded, relationships with 13 merchants including Kenya Power and Nairobi Water, posted 29.12% growth last month ($22.3k Rev) - Frontline Ventures, ACT Venture Capital co-leading the round, ex head of Stripe also committed  | 1.3-2.2M€ sought – Ireland 
Smart Cities / Healthcare IT / Consumer wearables 
Smart integrated solution (wearable electronic gadget & smartphone App) intended for vulnerable population groups as a means of preventing potential asthma attacks due to exposure to poor air quality. Seal of Excellence award by European Commission – Finalist of the MIT Enterprise Forum Greece Startup Competition 2019 – Finalist of StartupNow Forum 2019 – Finalist of Startups d.Day competition / digital economy forum 2019: “Leading Greece to Growth” | 0.65 M€ sought – Greece


We make biobased sustainable and recyclable polymers designed to improve the acoustic insulation of buildings, transport vehicles and industry equipment. We provide a biobased alternative to petroleum based insulation materials and bring a quiet living and working environment in residential and tertiary buildings, in industrial facilities and in transport systems. Winner of the European Greenov Award 2014 | 1.5 M€ sought - Belgium

Automotive / Smart Mobility
We develop a car scanner-robot providing autonomous visual documentation of the car body within 2 minutes. It allows full AI detection of scratches and dents.
We also provide a smart parking enforcement solution, providing 95%+ detection accuracy at speeds up to 70 kph. It is the world’s only system that can localize parked cars with <10cm precision, which can be useful for the detection of free parking spots.
Already deployed across 22 locations in Poland and the UK - PoC with a German sport’s car manufacturer - Won a public tender for three years of enforcement in Warsaw - Accelerated under Nvidia Inception, Samsung Incubator and Microsoft for startups | 2 M€ sought – Poland

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