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Bosch Ventures disponible le 9 juillet à Paris

Bosch Ventures disponible le 9 juillet à Paris
Bosch est l'entreprise allemande leader dans l'équipementier pour l'industrie automobile.

Bosch Ventures est le fond industriel créé par Bosch.
  About Bosch Ventures's goal
  • to learn about new technology which can benefit Bosch strategy (SME can become supplier of Bosch in that case)
  • to show return on investment as there is a need for metrics
   What Bosch Venture fund is looking for in entrepreneurs
  • real entrepreneurial spirit
  • cross-cultural skills
  • business skills
 Size of the fund
  • 150 million Euros for the second round, 50 million Euros being spent each year
  • 200 million Euros for the first fund, 50 million Euros being spent each year

Focus areas for investment

Bosch Ventures is interested in sourcing companies in the market of :
 1. Energy
  • energy efficiency in the home, in particular in the area of heating and cooling systems
  • energy efficiency in data systems
  • crystalline silicium (materials aspect not electronic ones) for the next generation of solar energy generation
 2. Safety systems in buildings
 3. Smart device / networking
 4. Augmented reality
 5. 3D Printing companies: services innovation in the hardware space​  

Nouveautés dans le cahier des charge sur l’aspect 3D Printing
  • Companies focusing on 3D object scanning in order to prepare a model for printing replication
  • Companies working on how to translate a CAD design into a printable dataset (material aspects, scaling, adapting to the printing process in between) : Bosch has only seen a MIT Start-up started by a former a researcher so far
Horaire et lieu :  entre 10h et 16h au 11 rue de Cambrai Paris 19e

Pour les entreprises qui se reconnaissent dans ce cahier des charges. Merci d'envoyer les executive summaries en une page en anglais d’ici le 19 Juin.

Contact :

Un retour sera fourni d’ici le 3 juillet.


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